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Satoshi came in and woke me and Ryuji up at 8 saying breakfast was ready. When I went out to see a plate of eggs, sausage, salad, toast and rice I found my clothes had been washed dried and folded; just in time too because of the rain we had, my clothes couldn’t be hung out to dry so I just didn’t wash them the past two days and I left 3 pair of Underwear at Josh’s on accident.

Before I went to bed last night Weronika called and said that Kumona Kodo wasn’t near where I was so she wouldn’t meet me in Wakayama but we planned to meet later in Nara.

Ryuji flew out of the house after eating, having to be at class soon; he is studying to be a teacher. Satoshi’s mom pulled two little orange boxes out of the cabinet  and said,” CalorieMate, Food. 200 Calories very much minerals”; maybe she thinks I don’t eat enough. CalorieMate is some type of energy bar I am guessing I havn’t opened it yet.

Everyone had left besides me and Satoshi, who was standing over me. I had a disaster of all of my stuff that I was trying to quickly pack but it has to be packed in a certain order or it just doesn’t fit. I planned on walking to the Train station in Wakayama which is only like a 15 minute walk but Satoshi offered to drive me.

Since I wasn’t meeting Weronika until around 7 I took the train to the port town of Kobe but realized right away that it was a mistake. It was just another city with tons of cars and commotion. I managed to find a few cool shots and wandered around the harbors edge then headed to China Town.

The apparatus on the back of this scooter absorbs the shock and compensates for forces exerted on cargo while driving.

After grabbing lunch and attempting to charge my phone I made my way back to Nara and finally showed up to Horuji station about 25 dollars later, arriving only minutes before Weronika.

After a long walk and many pictures we dropped our bags at Josh’s and went out to see the garden of the ladies from the other day and then went to the convenient store to pick up some food and drinks and sat across the street from Josh’s house, on the ground illuminated by a vending machine, talking and enjoying the humid evening, avoiding the tons of spiders crawling around on the walls and machine. In slow motion I saw it coming; Weronika knocked over her beer which spilled on her camera lens, not too much and luckily the lens cap was on so none went on the actual lens.