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I Got an email from Akemi, the lady who speaks English a little the day I was at the garden. She invited me to come have tea but unfortunately I couldn’t make it Weronika and were going to check to see if they might be out by chance but were tight on time so we went off to the station, poking around gardens and rice fields on the way. So many people here are incredibly friendly and let us take pictures of them working.

In Nara we did the 5 story pagoda again which presented nicer blue skies this time around. Then we went to Todaiji, where the giant Buddha is. We were outside teh main gate and Weronika was filming this lady eating a quarter piece of watermelon and the deer that were begging for some. All of the sudden I saw Weronika pulling away from a deer yelling at it to let go; it had part of the pocket of her waist pouch in its mouth and then we heard the stitches rip out and that was the last of that pockets flap.

I just waited outside and caught a quick nap and was woken by a tickling on my forehead. we headed up to the Nigatsu-Do Hall which is a two story shrine with a balcony overlooking all of Nara. There was a box filled with strips of wood that people write their prayers on. Weronika thought it would be cool if their prayers were carried to Poland so she chose 3 or 4 and stuffed them in her bag; I think this might give her some bad karma but she said she will have them translated and then pray for their prayers too. I just used the sticks to construct a pattern covering the opening of the box using a cantilever design, it was pretty cool to see it actually work.

This may have been my favorite place in Japan; I could imagine being a monk here and seeing the days first light wile sipping some tea or sitting on the balcony just watching the stars.

After getting some food it was time for me to head left to Horuji and Weronika to Go right to Tokyo via Kyoto. She had to get to Tokyo before her rail pass runs out at midnight. Since I had no real plans for the evening I figured what the heck it’s free so I rode the train with her to Kyoto, her filming an interview with me; my favorite fruit, Kiwi-My favorite color, green, my shirt, hat, shirts and headrest behind me all green, could have been scripted. Except for two guys, we had the last train car to our selves. the silence was a kind of weird metaphor for being lost in Japan without words with a melancholic undertone of loneliness and separation.

I should have ended the entry there since I won’t be able to top that rare-somewhat-poetic expression of my feelings but the story has a funny twist. after long hugs we I ducked behind a wall to avoid the long looks, maybe to prevent myself from taking a second one, and climbed the stairs to board my train back to Horuji.

On the way back home I answered the phone to Weronika; in fairy-tale fashion, she  managed to leave her glasses at my friends house where I will be staying for the next two nights. I had planned on visiting Poland shortly after my japan trip, long before meeting her but this gives a reason to meetup for sure. I will do my best to make sure they stay safe until they get to Poland.