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My buddy Frank met me at my gate when I arrived from Japan. We have been planning a backpacking trip around Europe. Before we head out we are spending some time in Segovia so we can both shake our jet-lag.

I needed to meet up with Fran and his wife Pilar to get my bandana back from when I left it at their house. Fran invited us to join him at 9 at Plaza San Miguel to see a concert.

We went out to see the Alcazar and take a walk around the river. Since i have tons of pictures I didn’t think it would be necessary to bring my camera. But as usual it would turn out that I should have. Along Calle Real there were giant-headed people, hitting people with brooms. I was basically jumped by these plaster masked giants and beaten with wicker brooms.

Segovia was wrapping up its Summer Festival and is closing  with some concerts and a big fireworks show. It was good to see them for a last time and say goodbye as we jammed to some “Hotel palindroma”, an Austrian band with funky instruments and yodeling infused songs. There was also a ska, reggae, kilt wearing group playing in Plaza de Azoguejo.