We planned on seeing Valle de los Caidos where Franco is buried so we caught the bus to Madrid. At the station in Segovia I ran into Mar and Menchu the directors for the language school where I was working and talked with them all the way to Madrid. Frank and I were telling them about the Egyptian temple [Debod] in MAdrid and Menchu got iterested so they walked with us to see it. Then we went to El Escorial. after realizing that there is only one bus from there to Valle de los Caidos and one back we cut our losses [8 Euro each] and headed back to Madrid to take advantage of the free entrance to the Prado Museum.

We noticed a lot of Rainbow flags and stages being put up around the city. After the Prado we came out to see that  Gran Via had been closed and  could hear loud music in the distance so we went to check out the Parade. Along the sidewalks there were many cafes full of people enjoying the sweltering day. a table of grirls had a megaphone and halled out in Spanish to Frank and I. “Pilgrims of the camino, welcom to the Gran Via”; I guess our huge backpacks drew a bit of their attention.

one of the not so full Sidewalk cafes

Meet Frank, “Me lost in big city”

Pride Parade

Dressed up for the EuroCup

We Were both exhausted and hungry frank had a place in mind but turns out that it didn’t look like a good option so we went back to Principe Pio food court. Frank jokingly asked if we could get Burbon Chicken thinking they wouldn’t have it; that’s what we had for diner.

cleaver alteration of the Santander bank logo

We made the metro to T1 in Barajas airport and found a nice not comfortable or quiet corner and tried to sleep until our 630 flight.