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We found Alessandra Downtown Hostel and got partially checked in; we had to wait until 3 to get our keys and access our room.  The streets here smell like piss and are poorly maintains which solidifies what people have told me about Rome. Maybe I am just tired and irritable but Rome hasn’t impressed me yet, however I do think the people have been helpful and I love seeing a new language on all of the signage.

Frank and I headed for lunch and then walked towards the Colosseum, Hopping from shady side of the street to shady side of the street and we wound our way through the organically designed city. I am really hoping that as we move north the temperatures are a bit nicer but it is summer after all; 33C in Rome [91F].

After a 3 hour “nap” as frank called it, we went to Campo De Fiori and sat a pizza place and watched Spain crush Italy 4-0. The plaza was full of people standing watching the TVs that were hung on the front walls of the restaurants, facing into the plaza, creating a surround sound effect and allowing you to see the game no matter what direction you look. There were many Italy fans but I think the majority of blue shirts I saw were tourist who bought them to fit in; there are more Americans and English Speakers than Italians in Rome but I guess I cant be too critical since i’m not speaking italian. There were some Spanish flags and fans, like the girl we met while walking  to the plaza. Video I shot of it all.