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We bought a few things for breakfast last night but the bread was pretty dry by it’s self so this morning I found some packets of jelly someone didnt use and asked around if therewere anymore; They were counting the jelly packets in the kitchen when I went to fil up my waterbottle so i am sure they would have tried to charge me. Ther ewere two Iowans on their last two days of a month long trip who i talked with for a while but they didnt offer up any reall beneficial information besides confirming my estimate for 30 days of backpacking; between 2,500 and 3,000 dollars.

Thanks for representing Tampa in Rome but we could use less weed reference.

After breakfast we went to the Panthenon which wasn’t too far from where we were staying. We approached from the side of the building but I could already recognize the cylindrical building and it’s domed roof; I studied a little bit about it when I was taking some classes for Architecture, before I switched majors.The dimensions are pretty cool; if you were to put a ball inside it would touch the cylinrical walls and fit perfectly against the domed roof. Basically the diameter and the height of the building are equal. two things I didn’t know and wouldn’t have until frank pointed them out is that Rafaels tomb is inside and that the 8 meter tall front doors, cast in Bronze are the same ones put on when it was first built.

Rome was an oven but we needed to get out and make use of the day instead of hiding in the shade. Being on a budget plus wanting to change my habit of consuming bottled water, I filled up the bottle I was using in one of the fountains you find all over Rome and figured I would risk the messy concequences of drinking tap water. Then i drenched my bandana and put it under my hat, letting it flap out covering my ears and neck and we took off toward the Popes house.
When traveling one thng is pretty available to eat no mater where you go, atleast where i have been so far; Kebab/felafel places. We stopped for a quick lunch and met some teachers from Pennsylvania. while i was talking to them the guy made my food to his liking I gues I forgot to tell him what I wanted on mine besides chicken. Frank ordered beef so I was confused when he started shaving off meat from the same cylinder for mine. Then when I went to pay he was trying to charge me for beef instead of just telling me they didnt have chicken; if yu are insistent enough you can get beef for the price of chicken there.

Plaza Novona on the way to the Vatican.

It was free to get into St. Peter’s Basilica so Frank lead us past a big red circle with a white bar and a sign saying, “USITA”. We were quickly turned around. The line to get through security was quick but standing in the blinding sunlight, being reflected off of the recently cleaned columnades, wasnt fun. Inside there are photos allowed but not of a service but I couldnt help it I snpped about 5 quick shots but all of them were under exposed and totally black so i adjusted some settings and went back for a few more. After one shot all the sudden I could only see black through the view finder; A security guard had his hand over my lens and asked me to delete it, in Italian; I think.

The bacillica was impresive but only entertaining for a not-so-religious person for about a half hour. The map we had was not aweful but you would think they would mark the Sistine Chapel; we ran around town, spending about an hour walking the same streets, everyone teling us where but we just couldnt find it, so frank went for more gelato so we could use their internet. Still lost after internet we entered a metro stop to ook at the map. while frank was looking I noticed some interesting lighting on a stair case leading into the metro so I started shooting people coming down the stairs. After about 5 minutes the lady emptying the trash cans started making an ordeal about me snapping pictures. Turns out that the chapel is inside of the Museum of the Vatican, which cost about 10 Euros to enter, no thanks.

When I was in college I took a film course and had to choose a film about which I would write my final paper; I chose a film by Fredrico Fellini called “La Dolce Vita (fountain scene)”. Having watched this movie made the next site even cooler. Although there were droves of tourist shooting pictures into the sun teh Trevi Fountain is pretty cool. I couldn’t stop imagining the Italian accent of the lead actress her splashing around in the fountain late at night.

Trevi Fountain: “Marchelo! come here, hurry up!

We had to get out of there, the crowd was suffocating. The Spanish steps, where we went next, provided little refuge from the city turned Disney. There were people hanging out on teh steps, eating lunch or talking but we just continued on after taking it in for a minute.

One of Italy’s Most famous Scultors is Bernini, if you guess that every sculpture in rome were Bernini you might be right more than half of the time. one of his most recognized and controvercial pieces is in a church which isn’t marked on tourist maps and hopefully it stays that way because it was a great relief to see something without being trampled. The sculpture, “The Extasy of St. Teresa” depicts an angel looking over her entwined in flowing fabric with a facial expression that could be no other besides one of reaching climax according to the article frank showed me; The church info sheet didnt mention anything about this. 

 Taken from clairesavageonstwedder.wordpress.com

We had been out walking nearly 8 hours so we went back to the hostel to relax for a little bit. I was siting on the floor about to write my blog and frank was on his iphone looking up some things. i never got to write my blog for the day. I asked the 3 french girls, who were sitting on the floor also about the card game they were playing. The game, “presidente e du tant” was surprisingly similar to the Japanese card game I was taught while in Barcelona. They invited me to play a round and I drug frank into it. we ended up talking with Solange, Charlene and Mathilde, playing cards for a few rounds then I taught them Dai Hu go.

They had plans to go see the Trevi fountain which they hadnt seen yet and I wanted to take pictures there with it illuminated by night hoping there would be les tourists so i sort of invited myself but i think they welcomed the company of frank and I. when we got to the Fountain I took out my camera, still surrounded my people. When I went to snap a picture I was denied by a, “no memorycard in camera” mesage.

After The girls (Solange, Charlene and Mathilde) taking a few pictures we bought some drinks and took them to the spanish Steps and talked until we were thrown out by the police and chased by a cleaning crew sweeping glass bottles rolling, bouncing down the marble stairs.

Back home I planned to atleast sort through some of the pictures I had taken for the day but was too tired and fell asleep with my computer in bed. At about 4 in the morning I woke up to a huge crashing noise. In the darkness, from the top bunk, I could see my laptop face down on teh wood floor and my camera’s memory card, which was in the card reader slot of my laptop, a few feet away on the floor too.

I jumped down opened it up and checked if it was alive while everyone in the room rolled around a bit then fell back asleep; it was still working, however I couldnt really tell exactly I was looking at since the screen shattered.