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I have no recollection of the morning of the 3rd, not from partying; I just don’t. Around 11 Frank and I caught a train to Florence. about halfway though the 3 hour trip I saw a guy juggling balls and struck up a conversation with the German guy Yugen. he has been working since 16 without a university degree, doing something with banking and cellphone technology. Germany’s system grants citizens 30 days off per year paid vacation so he was taking some time to travel.

As we were getting close I asked about his hostel since we didn’t know where we would be staying. I invited us to follow him to check for availability but unfortunately it was full but we stayed a bit using their internet.

I called several places using Skype but my internet connection was terrible. One lady I talked to offered us a room with an one without a toilet; I figured we might need one so we went with that option.

We met back up with Yugen at his hostel at around 6 to head out to find a place to eat and grab a drink. Yugen was super picky; not on a main street, not with too many tourist, not indoors. we must have crossed the city 3 times and Frank and I were ready to ditch him but it turned out to be a great evening. after diner we went to a market and bought some snacks and drinks and sat on the steps of a church talking and people watching. I tried to learn how to juggle 4 balls at once but it is going to take some time.

We went back to Yugen’s hostel to sit on their patio and maybe meet some people. There were two Korean girls who we talked to for a while and then a group of South Africans came to. Yugen was very tactless when talking with them and I thought they felt a little uncomfortable. After a while we were all talking and having a god time. there were so proud to have hosted the World Cup.

One of the girls was not staying at that hostel and when they walked in the guy at reception asked for her ID card and said she could stay for only 30 minutes; frank and i walked in and no one said anything. after about an hour the guy came out and said, “30 minutes has become an hour; it;s time to go” so we decided to go as well.