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Since my netbook’s screen got smashed I woke up and hopped a bus to find Euronics while Frank took care of Laundry. I expected to pay the driver when i got on but everyone just scanned a ticket past a machine in the bus and took a seat. I didn’t know where they got these tickets so I just sat as well. No one said anything to me besides where to get of the bus.

I was hoping to replace the Acer netbook Luisana bought me with one 200 Euros or less. I couldn’t but I got an ASUS for 275 Euros and headed back to the hotel to meet up with Frank.

We decided to head to Pisa since it wasn’t so far. Pisa really doesn’t have too much to see and do but it was beautiful to walk by the river. Frank and I went in search of a little river side restaurant but when we finally found it they were still not open.

When we got back to Florence we went to check out the Duomo which is a basillia with the worlds largest brick dome. it also has some pretty intricate marble work.

We went back to the train station to get our ticket for the following day. As we were walking up to the line I noticed 4 white balls leaping in the air; it was Yugen but we never talked. From there we went to Plaza de Michael Angelo, which is on the top of a big hill, overlooking all of Florence. We each bought a pizza and snacked while watching the sun set, listening to some street musicians play great music.

The only original bridge left in Florence.