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We had an hour an a half to kill before we needed to be at the train station so we found an internet cafe so i could try to rescue some files from my computer which at this point can’t be read, not even a bit due to the cracked screen. Frank stayed across the street at a cafe with our bags and had some coffee.

I walked into the tiny room that was partitioned of in some phone rooms and 3 internet stations. The gut took my 1 Euro coin and pointed me to a computer but really i didnt need internet or a computer, jut the monitor. I started unhooking teh monitor cable from their computer but before I could finish the indian guy started calling out to me, “amigo, amigo”/ I never lookd up but I am certain he was trying to get my attention. I had my comuter hooked up to the monitor and was 50percent complete with the file transfer to my harddrive when he walked over, saying that I can’t do this. I thank Weronikal for showing me how to be more pushy; my old self would have backe down but I resisted and sying 5 minutes I will be done even though it actually was going to take me about 20 minutes.

At the trainstation it was just a matter of boarding our train, a super cushy, highspeed train which had a plug for my laptop and a car for cafe. We made a mistake and ended up in 1st class but were quickly ran out of our seats and headed back to 2nd class. after about 2.5 hrs we were in Venice, stepping out of the train station to see our first canal, full of boat taxis and boat buses.

Frank’s wife gave us a recomendation for a restaurant most tourists will never see and even most Venecians have never been. we had to make our was through a maze of tiny streets, crossing canals and ducking under archways and finally found the boat bus for the island of Vignole. the ticket wasnt cheap; eleven Euros one way. once again it felt so nice to be near water, on a boat with salty sea air.
From Vignole we made our way down a dirt path, along a canal where some kids were jumping off of the bridge that crosses it, passed a good sized small farm, and finally saw what we assumed must be the restaurant with little boats tied up to posts along the seawall.

We came for three reasons; to get away from the tourists, squid ink pasta and horse meat steak. Venice was shoulder to shouler poeple and more toursit traps that imaginable. I had squid ink pasta in Madrid but figured we should try it again. In the US it is illegal to serve horse meat but I guess in Italy they are fine with it. I could have been served beef and I wouldnt know the diference. Trattoria alle Vicnole was a great experience; one of my favorite so far.

Water-Bus Station

from venice we didnt have many options ; our plan was to get to Zagreb, Croatia by tonight but there were no direct trains. but there were direct trains to vienna, Austria but then we would be going north to cme back south and nrth again. I was pushing to go to the third option;Trieste. We knew nothing about Trieste besides its location which we found on the map of Europe I bought.

Venice Ambulance

I have felt like we have been traveling too cautiously and havnt felt much of a sense of adventure so I was thinking that the unknown of goint to Trieste might spice things up a little. The train from benice to Trieste dropped us off at about 930 and we had nowhere to stay. I was fine sleeping in the train station, risking the chance that they kick me out but Frank may be getting sick so we went in search of internet to look for a hostel or hotel. A nice lady working in a fancy hotel let us computer to get some info about busses for tomorrow and for hostels. This place has no internet or a/c and costs 25 euro a night which isn’t super expensive but not great. It has a smell similar to how I remember my grandma’s house; The smell of old buildings. It’s a a touch of super chemical infused, toxic paints and varnishes mixed with little airflow. That’s not to say I don’t like that house, my grandfather built it.