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Being that we were already in Trieste it seemed foolish not to go check out some of the few sights so we walked up to the top of a big hill overlooking the city. of in the distance was some Pyramid which a guide talked about but I couldn’t pick out much of what he was saying since it was in some Slavic language. There was a Austro-Hungarian fort which had a big monument talking about how they joined the Nazis to avoid the concentration camps.

We went back down the hill and checked out Europes largest seafront Plaza, where they were setting up for a short film festival and a basketball tournament. After a while its just another plaza with a monument; it was cool but not spectacular.

Our hostel didn’t have wifi so we hunted for a place and found a cafe and bought a pastry. after sitting down we were told the internet wasn’t working so we kept on, detouring past a Roman Theater, built in the year 200, that was pinned between some modern buildings.

We still hadn’t connected to internet and needed to book somewhere to stay for Zagreb; eventually we found a cafe and took a seat outside on the sidewalk, not hungry or willing to pay for anything just to use internet. as people walked past I made several calls and found a place, Hostel Fulir.

We til had about 4 hours but after some rain we decided it would still be worth it to go see the lighthouse, which isn’t too far from the bus station. our bags were covered but the rain letup. 30 minutes into the walk it started pouring. We were trying to take a shortcut through the old rundown port area but didn’t make it all the way through and ducked under an awning covering a loading dock then it got worse and worse; Lightening and thunder like I havn’t seen and heard since I left Tampa. The area was great to photograph; the old buildings have so much character even in their ruinous state.

I risked it and ran around the corner to take some pictures of the other side of the building and found that the building was actually in use as a museum and up stairs as a hall for Dance classes. I met Sophie from the museum. there is an effort to renovate the old port area and turn it into a cultural and shopping district called Portocitta.


Sophie told me I could go upstairs and take pictures form the balcony. After a while of poking around I came down to find frank looking for me and we headed off in the light rain.

Our black bus, with Flames and teh Croatian soccer team’s logo pulled into the station about 20 minutes late, after having some problems with the gears. I talked with a Croatian a Bostoner and an Italian all the way to Croatia. you can enter Slovenia no problems but when we hit the Croatian border we had to exit the bus get in line and have our passports checked. then walk across the border and get back in the bus. A few meters down the street a Croatian police officer boarded the bus and stamped our passports.

When we got checked into our hostel I gave Bojana, my friend I met while traveling in Granada, a call and we met up in the main Square, Trg Bana Jelacica, in front of the giant horse statue, to go get some drinks with her friends. We met a group of about 5 others at a nearby bar that was off of the main bar street and really calm. They have some dark beer called Velebitsko which comes in a half liter bottle, whichwas not bad. then they took us to try Meditza, a honey based alcahol, that you drink as a shot; when in croatia…from there we went to some club that is in the middle of a huge park covered in trees.

We made plans to meet at the bus station at 10 in the morning  for our next adventure.