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We were a little late getting going but we were picked up by one of the girls, who’s name I am still trying to figure out. another of the girls who went out with us wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get a coffee so we joined the other two at the cafe and from there said a prayer for our safety at the recommendation of the drivers friend and hopped on the highway.

We were headed to Camp Slapich to meet up with another group of their friends but unfortunately Bojana couldn’t come. a ways into the trip we got a call from the other group saying that Slapich just started charging 50 Kuna per car plus 30 more per person, so about 20 euros for us to enter, which wasn’t worth it just to swim in a river with some small waterfalls. Someone knew of another spot on the Mreznika called Zeleni Kut, “Green Corner” that doesn’t charge so we headed there.


People were saying that because of the new fees up river this spot had more people than ever before.  the river is cold we were warned so we just jumped off of the dock and swam out to the tiny waterfall getting brushed by slimy lake grasses and stuff along the way.

We went up to the lake side Restaurant and had some Chirapchichi, a breakfast-sausage-looking roll of ground beef which we ate with Ayvar, an orange sauce made from pureed eggplant, garlic and paprika. I think Ayvar was the closest I will get to buffalo sauce until I get back to the US.


After eating I went and grabbed my stuff and was ready to leave, thinking everyone else was going to pack up too but they suggested one last swim. Now that the sun was setting it seemed a bit colder but the water really wasn’t that cold. we were trying to cross the top of the dam and one of the girls got sucked over but a guy was there and grabbed her. I tried sitting directly under the waterfall, in this bowl shaped area and had to hang on with moth hands and push against it with my feet to keep from being washed away.

On the way home we passed tons of communist era architecture, functional, simple, towers just talented that an elevator isn’t necessary to reach the top.


When I got back to the hostel I found a wood bead necklace tied to my backpack, Not sure of maybe it was tied to my bag so it wasn’t  lost it when we went swimming.