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I went to meet Bojana at the plaza at 1130 but got there late and couldn’t find her at our meeting point. I figured she may be late so I sat in the shade of the enormous horse statue and waited.

While I was waiting for Bojana a huge cannon shot went off in the distance. turns out at noon every day they fire a shot from this tower in memory of something i don’t remember.

While waiting a guy sat next to me and started talking to me in Croatian, after letting him go on for a minute I told him I don’t understand. one of my surprises about croatia is the level of English that people here speak; usually at least a little. I asked teh guy if i could use his phone to call Bojanabut he explained that he could only call a certain 50 or so numbers. he said, “because i have problems with [ pauses and turns to look over both shoulders and quietly says] the mob.

Rare march across the “bloody bridge” that once divided Kapitol hill from the other side.

I left that guy sitting there and found a girl who let me call. a few minutes we met up and went back to the hostel to get frank then set off , checking out the market then to a cafe to meet Evka. From there we escaped the sun in a great park along which the aristocracy live.

Bojana explained a city art project in one plaza; a 5 foot tall golden sphere that is a scale model of the sun. later she was explaining that a different guy took the project further creating metal spheres of all of the planets that are proportional to the original sun project and placed the mini planets around the city and proportional distances from the sun.

After our walk Evka had to leave but Bojana stayed to get a Burek with us again. this time we got one of the cheese filled pastries and two meat ones and walked with Bojana towards the national theater,  waking along the “green horseshoe” a “u” shaped series of small parks, each setup in its own unique way.

We called it an end and came back to the hostel and relaxed today was not the hottest we have experienced but I think the sun was the most draining today.

Sadly after two days with her i have no pictures with Bojana somehow. maybe in Granada or when I come back to Croatia to see teh southern coastline

Bojana opened a rotten old wooden door a few meters across from the town hall, revealing an abandoned interior courtyard full of old broken statues and architectural detail pieces.

In teh kitchen of our hostel imet a great guy who is working as a social studies teacher in NewYork. he had a camera bag so we started takling photograph, not that i know to much. He has been using an older rebel film camera and will develope his own film. Frank asked me a few days ago if I would want to o that; we will see about it one day.

It was great, he showed me his camera and let me try all of the lenses he had with him; I really liked the 35mm. He seemed to like the pictures of I took of lindsey a while back saying they were well composed and recommended  take a photo course to learn how to develoe film.

The streets were eerily empty on Sunday.