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We tiptoed out of the hostel at 5am, hoping to recover our bag of groceries from the “always open kitchen” but the door was shut and locked so we grabbed one last burek meat pastry for the road and hopped on our tram to the bus station. We noticed the first day that about 5 percent of people riding it actually buy a ticket and validate it; everyone just runs the risk.

Again the bus driver collected almost two euros from us just to tag and throw our bags under the bus. This practice is ridiculousness and needs to change; I can throw my own bag under and save some money for breakfast or something else. I woke up to a guy carrying on in Croatian over the PA system and everyone getting off of the bus; again with the passport control.

We got to Vienna, Austria at about 11 and checked in to the Wombats  hostel, which after this evening I am starting to not like. I have almost always have great or neutral experiences at hostels but here it is a college crowd and I don’t feel the backpacker spirit; it’s more like a dorm with a downstairs bar. Despite this I will say they have a great location, facility and staff.

We went out to find the Polskibus station so we could buy our ticket to Warsaw for the 11th but after hunting and hunting all we found was a bus lot with a Polskibus schedule taped to the bus shelter; It turns out that you have to buy the tickets online.

The architecture and vibe in the actual city are pretty cool especially off of the main streets. On the main streets its basically an homage to capitalism and multiculturalism, with Muslims and Asians and Austrians and tourists of all nationalities all mixing food and drink and other traditional products.

I have to give it more time but I think Austria has great potential to make my top 3 lists; mainly because you can find boiled potatoes and not just french fries on a budget menu.

After a shower I was feeling refreshed so I headed out to wander the light and shadow with my camera, wishing I had my tripod but knowing that it would be used so little that it wasn’t worth bringing.