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Today we went on a free walking tour of Vienna checkng out a market some “young art” buildings. Austria has some great classical and modern architecture. The first building was a rejectionof the elaborate, decorative fascads of classical architecture and instead set all windows at the same size and only used painted floral designs on the planear fascad. I am a fan of minimalist designs but this just looked plain.

The rest was a lot of history that I didnt really hold onto but afterwards we went to check out 2 super funky pieces of arcitecture; the Kunst haus Wein and the Hunderwasserhaus. The architect I believe is Kunst and he designed the seond building between the 70s and 80s. He has some really logical ideas packaged into a trippy organic design. Besides his incorporation of plants in as much space as is available, when making the contract for the building where people actualy live he put in an agreement called the ”arm-reach clause”, which says that a resident can paint the exterior of the bilding any color they chose as long as they paint from their own window and they can only paint as much as they can reach only with their arm; no extension poles for brushes. He had a real distaste for straight lines; even designing the cobble stone, pedestrian road in front of the building with small hills and trees. the stairscases would never be allowed in the US, being convex, seeming like a set from a Dr Seus book. I think this was the highlight of Vienna for me.

After the tour we cheked out another church… and went to the parlament building where there seemed to be some action. There were tents and boths set up where food from various cultures was being sold so we grabbed lunch. after lunch we found some more info about that film fest that would take place there later that night; a film called Monterey Pop about the bands of the hippie generation. The second was Ray charles live at Monterey Palace.
After giving the rain time to finish and teh sun time to set, Frank and I went back to the Parlament building where teh basketball court sized screen was hung on the front of the government building. we grabbed a snack and sat on the bleachers. After a minute i noticed that had one of us lit up a cigarette we would have been breaking all three rules; no food, no drinks, no smoking. I joked and imediately a guy working the event kicked the sign, rotating it slighlty, giving us a head on view. The monterey Pop Movie was really cool but a song or two into the Ray charles video we headed out.