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Today we left Vienna for Warsaw to meet up with Weronika, the girl I met in Kyoto. Our bus didn’t leave until 850 so we left at a normal pace, catching the street car/tram to the bus stop. When we exited the station, still a block away separated by a busy 6 lane street, I asked frank what time it was; we had 3 minutes before the bus would leave. Of course it would be a red walk signal and tons of cars rushing by, once we crossed we made a sprint for the bus.

We had a 12 hour bus ride, stopping about every hour, which I don’t think was for the convenience of us but rather for our chimney of a bus driver.   At the first stop in Slovakia there was an interesting looking castle on rock  off in the distance.

I have to say for 20 Euros Polskibus was a great value; plugs under your seat for electronics and sometimes working wifi are luxuries you wont find on many buses in spain hat are more expensive for shorter trips.

When we got off of the bus in Warsaw Weronika was no where to be seen. We hung out in front of what looked like a tool shed filled with slot machines scouting the passing people for someone who looked like they may let me use their cellphone to call but before I asked anyone I saw a petite blonde in a little red sweater crossing the street coming from the metro station about 100 yards away. Could it be her? they were close but disappeared behind some busses and never surfaced. I went around the buses and found them and was greeted by a huge hug, both of us with irremovable smiles. Her friend [Asha, I think] was with her but had to go home so we got on the metro and headed to her flat. Some people are concrete sequential, everything is organized neatly and directions are followed precisely; she is the opposite. looking at what she had available and adding a dash of this and a dash of that are; She cooked excellent chicken and rice and her mom grew the salad we ate with the exception of the tomato; it was great also.

We walked around the town seeing the old town by night. She told me about how Poland is a culture of knights and gentleman, bravery and valiance; walking along the lover’s lane at night if you are with a girl some guys will stop and ask for money and threaten to kidnap or kill the girl you are with so you have to be witty and talk them out of doing it or give up some money; luckily I wasn’t stopped since it was a week day. It is so surreal and strange to be back in Weronika’s company; feels too strange, surreal… right. Can I just end my trip and stay here?