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Frank and I took a day to just relax having Weronika’s laid back flat at our disposal. It’s a small studio a short walk from the main tourist area but fr enough off the beaten track that you only ever hear a few polish people strolling past. The sheet, comforter and pillow cases a mix of lime and forest greens; makes me wonder about that interview she did of me on the bus, “your favorite fruit?”: “kiwi.” “your favorite color?” Green.”

After pacing around, cleaning up the kitchen and going nuts I suggested the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Frank suggested getting coffee at one of Poland’s most reputable coffee shops. The symbol of Warsaw is a mermaid and so is the symbol of that notorious coffee house.

From what Ola told me Warsaw has a weak economy but everywhere we look there is construction going on; roads, buildings, renovations. The road closures caused by the construction made finding the Uprising museum a bit tricky but not too difficult.

Inside there were tons of footage of events leading up and some of the aftermath of Germany’s attack on Warsaw. when you enter there is a base-filled heartbeat rhythm pumping through the museum. steadily it gets faster over the course of about five minutes. wile circulating through you become accustomed to and almost forget the noise, which is incrementally drowned out by a humming noise of the approaching B52’s and are suddenly accosted by the shrill whistling of dropping bombs and rattling of explosions sending [imaginary] rubble flying in all directions.

Waraw’s population pre-war was 1.3 million after the war it shrunk to only .9 million due to people fleeing and mostly being killed. About 95 percent of the city was leveled so as we walk around the city it becomes apparent that everything that is Warsaw is post war reconstruction except of the clearly older buildings, with their crumbly fascads, net-draped sidewalks to protect passersby from the indirect, German, brick and mortar attacks.

Stadium where the EuroCup was played.

We had Weronika’s only set of keys so we had to be back at her place at 6 to let her in and meet up for diner. We were going quickly but still only managed to make it by 630 to find she was still not home.

The symbol of the Warsaw Uprising on the Side of the Museum. The Uprising couldn’t actually be celebrated until the fall of Communism in 1989.

On her way home she met her mom, who passed her my birthday cake but we decided to wait until after diner to try it. we went around the corner from her house and had a feast. we wanted to try so many things that we over ordered by about 3 meals. There was a half chicken, a plate of mixed meats including Blood sausage which wasn’t too bad.

afterwards we had to go home to drop off the left overs and had to pass this area where guys wait to “attack” couples. Weronika saw it before it happened and crossed to my other side and then walked fast. The guy in medieval wear approached me saying it was my time and pointed to the guillotine i accepted my fate and he asked Weronika if they should take off my head; She said go ahead!. Luckily we escaped with out any monetary contribution.

At home we dug into the blueberry cake that Weronika’s mom made. I have to say thanks a million Mrs. Mliczewska, it was delicious. [thanks also for the vegetables for the salad we ate the other day].

We went for a walk to check out the town. Weronika called her cousin to come meet us but never left her house so we went to some old hospital that is being renovated [slowly] by artist. It was around 10 and Dark out so the hospital had a very creepy vibe, especially one of the bathrooms that had a blinky flourescent light. everything in it had a slight green tinge and on the floor out of corner of my eye there was a pool of red which turned out to be just a red shop rag. there were a few people in the building but no one we wanted to talk with so we headed out.

Waiting out front of the hospital a piece of kiwi came flying down splattering on the floor next to Franks foot; we looked up to see two shaggy haired guys on the 5th floor hollering down their apologies.

From the hospital we were heading to a bar called Friends of friends but Weronika was drawn into the arched entrance way of a prewar building in ill repair. we were walking through the tunnel like entrance and came to a door slightly opened. we could see inside just barely Weronika suggested we have a look inside, Frank was a bit hesitant. all of the sudden the door creaked opened. Frank bolted out Weronika latched onto my arm but didn’t move, entranced.

Eventually I convinced her the best idea was to not go further and we headed to a trendy hipster bar where we had a drink quickly before having to head out to catch the last metro back to her side of town.

When we entered the station we knew the train was about to arrive. we entered the money into the machine and before our tickets printed the train screeched to a stop. The machine was stuck saying “processing ticket request.” just as we made a split go with out tickets, it spit our money back out. Weronika Squeezed between the turnstiles and Frank and I jumped them. we ran down the stairs skipping two or 3 at a time and sprinted into the first open door making it just before the doors shut.