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Frank was up and out of the apartment today by about 7; he is off to see Prague and the real Bohemia while Weronika and I spend a little time together without a third wheel. we are planning to meet up in Berlin in 4 days.

Weronka’s windowsill makes a great area for an indoor-outdoor picnic breakfast. After an hour long, rather circular skype conversation about her Ebook project with her friend, Henry we neded to get out of the house.Our plan was to go check out the gardens on top of the library.

We decided that it would be nice to check out a Bar Mlechny, since I still hadn’t been. Basically these are simple restaurants that serve very traditional food from around the time of the 1920’s for prices near those in the 19″20s. they are popular local eateries but this day we found some Spanish tourist grabbing some food. Your food isn’t brought to you you pas the ticket to the servers and in a minute they pass you your food through a little window and conversely your dishes aren’t picked up by a waiter you put them in a separate window.

Maybe it was the art gallery we stopped in or the Warsaw-famous drummer playing on a broken book shelf with a piece of PVC pipe and a piece of a wooden dowel; I am not really sure but Weronika got the idea to paint. this is great but our problem is She owns none of the needed supplies and it was late on a Saturday and all of the art shops were closed. The Big commercial center was our Savior.

Back home Weronka changed clothes not wanting to mess up her good clothes. she came out in a vintage red and tan patterned vintage dress from her grandmother in which she looked beautiful. The dress fit right into the 70’s themed evening we created, painting and listening to music and cooking. I love her daring culinary ways. we had two cans of tuna, rice, a bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit, Some cheese and  a an of corn and diced red and green pepper in a Mexican style flavor and various seasonings. although she overloaded the dish with curcuma and curry it was awesome and led to her possible restaurant idea which won’t share in the case it becomes a reality.


what different minds we have

She ceded the Ipod dock to me and discovered some music she liked which i never ended up passing to her computer before falling asleep to Iron and Wine.