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Around noon the sun finally forced us out of bed, which was actually good timing since we planned to meet Magda, my polish-chicagoian,friend that I met in segovia at the central Train Station at 1. Magda has been traveling Poland seeing family and the country for about two weeks and has two more before she returns to the US to resume life with a “real job”. We got a drink and talked for an hour before we had to go.

Weronika invited me to a meitation session outside the city in Dunowo. An older friend of hers picked us up and drove us, swervedly and jerkily, to the 19th century estate where the event was taking place. The people who were partaking in the weekend long experience at palaczdunowo paid 250 Euro to stay in one of the many rooms and be fed a low calorie, vegetable and fruit based diet; we partook in two sessions and were fed two “meals” for free.
Derik, The guy leading the meditations appologized to me before begining because after doing all of the workshops in polish he thought that doing a bilingual version would be too much of a disruption to the others who actually paid; so I had a relaxing three hours to think with a Polish immersion experience.

Everyone was laid out on blankets or yoga mats cushioning there bodies against the hardwood floors with intricately inlaid geometric patterns. The remoteness of the location and ritualistic nature of the meditation could only make me see it as a cult like experience. I have never had three hours to just lie down un interupted in near silence and just think. teh session veronika prompted me since I wouldnt understand the guidance of derik, was in essence to find your conciousness and listen to it, to find the unresolved emotions that have been burried by the pace of life and come to terms with them and let them go. This isn’t doing her explanation much justice but its what i took away. All of this is relevant, especially to her since this Sunday (or maybe Monday) begins a new cycle on the Mayan calendar, which she is interested in since spending time in Guatemala and such.

After the first of two meditation sessions we all went to the dining area, set with fancy cuttlery and wine glasses full of a visciou,s pulpy, orange liquid I looked at with suspicion. The solid statefood consisted of a leaf of basil and a hand full of Cherries. Since the activities the participants are doing are extremely low energy in the kenetic sense, I guess they can get by on this type of diet. Weronika behaved prim and propper but I, the barbarian, bit into a cherry and sent juice flying onto the table cloth and my kahki pants.

After the second session we had one raddish, half of a grilled pear on top of a slice of grilled pineapple with black pepper and honey and for desert some type of lemon cream cake which had a top nad bottom layer that reminded me of merangue. Konrad, Weronika’s, older friend’s son took us home so his father didn’t have to unnecessarilly return to Warsaw. On the phone Weronika’s dad said to take an alternate rute because there was a huge traffic jam at the Warsaw exit; Konrad didnt isten and we ended up back home around 10.
Since when we left magda I had been in kind of a bad mood, feeling naucious and nervous not know what the future holds. Konrads driving and hunger only amplified all of these feelings but a bohemian evening of eating pasta sitting on the floor listening to music brought a great end to a rather crummy day.