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My bus left Warsaw at 8 so I had to be up at 530 to pack and shower since I couldnt do it without power last nght. the sun here is out t about 430am now that it’s summer so I had no problems making sure not to forget anything; although I contemplated what I could afford to sacrafice for an excuse to come back to Warsaw but realized I don’t need to leave anything.

Bag packed and disaster straghtened up a bit there was a few minutes left to savor before Weronika walked me to the door. I shut it behind me, pausing slightly before letting it latch, to see if she hestated, allowing me one last view of that yellow and green polkadot dress.

The next 8-10 hours were a boring mosaic of me trying to find a comfortable position in my seat on the bus until at a rest stop ner the Polish border. I went and bought a roll and a banana at a “Sklep” or grocery and came back to sit and eat it outside next to the bus. There was an asian girl and boy who i started trying to talk to but they didnt speak great English. All of the sudden like a shot coming into focus i noticed his grey sweater; Florida State Seminoles with a red and gold spear. I knew by then that they were chinese and that they had never been to florida so I asked how he got it; a second hand shop in Poland.

Not too far from Berlin I got a Facebook mesage from frank asking if I had a confirmation number for our reservation; our reservation had been canceled although they took my creditcard info and all.
After finding another hostel, the Wombats again but this time in Berln, i met him after working my way throuh the S-Bahn and U-bahn maze of trains and trams. The train I needed showed up right when I got to the ticket machine and I knew frank was waiting for me. The station doesnt have turnstiles, instead they have a little machine where you are supposed to validate your ticket. I didnt see many people validating tickets so I risked it. There is Graffiti everywhere. I love it; you can feel the creative and rebelious spirit.

We were both starving so we headed out to Pratergarten, a place frank read about online that supposedly had a cool environment. we got some keilbasa corn on the cob hot pretzels and beers and hung out; unfortunately there was no concert going on. On the way home I was still hungry so we stopped and got a currywurst, a bratwurst covered in ketchup and curry powder.


Back in our hostel we met two of our roommates, Puerto Rican,s Monica and Monica. they had been staying in hotels, getting hostel prices but decided t stay in a hostel for the first time on this trip. When they came in teh first night there was an older apparently homeless guy with bottles of beer al over the room stinkingu the place so they spent the entire night in the lobby. We also had two Brazillian guys in our room who left at 10 and never returned until about 6 or 7 in the morning, disturbing the peace for agood 20 mnutes digging in their bags showering and talking.