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We got checked out and headed to see the Pergamon Museum, which frank read good things about. On the way there we got to witness the Popes revenge. When germany was divided the solviets built a tower witha sphirical metal ball on top; only after bringing in outside help to compensate for the east’s lack of engineering know-how, were they able to complete it, which on its own is a smack in the face of communism. The real joke is that when it’s sunny the metal sphere glares a huge binding crossback towards the cathedral. i can only imagine how pissed the Russians would be to see their huge tower beaming out an epic sized crusifix.


The museum itself was not so special. It’s filled with greek and islamic art and artifacts. there were however a few cool things: I have seen Greek ruins on my Christmas trip to Athens but most of the sites were justifiablly in a pretty delapidadated condition. the museum has reasembled the fascad of a pretty elaborate two story building, giving a sense of what those buildings would have really looked like. The other interesting exhibit is the reconstructed gates of Babalyon. I’m not to certain how the Germans got away with doing it but they have moved the excavated pieces to the museum and rebuilt the gates using many of the original blue and yellow bricks.
After that it was back to the hostel to get our bags and off to the bus station to catch our overnight bus to Amsterdam.