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Jose offered us two options; we could sleep in and drive ourselves back to Sittard station and they would pick up their second car later or we could wake up at 6 and go when he leaves for work. although it would have been nice to sleep in it was much easier than being lost and much easier for them too. I ate my peach Chobani Greek yogurt that expired this morning for breakfast and on the road we stopped at a bakery and grabbed something for the train.

Buddy, Jose and Monique’s dog

When we got to the train station we had about 10 minutes until our train left for Amsterdam so we ran in to buy our tickets from the machine. after several attempts with several cards neither Frank nor I could get the machine to accept our cards. after more carefully inspecting the machines we found a little sticker that says they dont accept Visa Mastercard or American Express. So we were once again back on the Brick wall waiting but luckilly this time our friend didn’t join us.

notice anything about the architecture?

the building almost all have this beam extending so that a pully could be hung to lift furniture into the upper floors.

After a while the ticket office opened and we were on the rails. I slept pretty much all the way there and woke up to chaos in Amsterdam Central; it was a mess of people and noise I wasn’t ready for. Our train didn’t stop at the actual station where our hostel is so we had to catch a different train back but first we went to price train tickets to Paris.

In order to get ticket prices you have to take a number and wait. whle we waited we figured maybe the computers they have in the waitig area could actually answer our question. when we entered our station of origin it wouldnt recognise it, it wouldn’t do anything. our number was called and we were told teh lowest price would be a train for 120 Euros which is way out of our price range although gettng there in ony 4 hours would be great.

After dropping our bags at our hostel we went to find An ATM. teh area near our hostel is a Middle Eastern and Asian enclave full of doner kepap shops and fruit stands. Frank has been dying to get a haircut for about a week; 10 euros later he has a fresh Turkish haircut. While I waited I grabbed a kepap for 2 Euros even though that mystery meat always makes me a lillte leary.

Today was another 10 km day easilly. We weaved our way through the city making our way to the Eurolines Bus ticket office and ended up buying 8 hour bus tickets for 45 Euros. . From the eurolines station we went looking for the “Skinny Bridge”, supposedly built by one sister, who wanted to be able to see her sister who lived on the other side of the canal, more frequently. We wandered and wandered but never found the bridge. A guy pointed about 4 inches off of the bottom right of the map and said, “you are about… here”, when we stopped to look at the map.

Japan has nothing on this place, there are more bikes than people here easily.

This guy was driving his boat down the canal a little too fast. i noticed it veering to the right and wondered if he was going to turn…

he ended up crashing into this parked boat and smashing a piece of the boat. when he stopped he was inspecting the motor on his boat so i assume something malfunctioned.

only in Holland could a bike seat cover be a promotional gift

We gave up and went to an enormous park that reminded me of the painting Le Grande Jette by Gorges Seurat. there were people less dressedup and less dressed than in the painting but it was a realy cool spot for a picnic although we just took a stroll through and kept on going. we grabbed a snack and anded up in the small park next to the Van Gogh museum. While Frank read some info about what to o I was like a kid in the park, juggling glass bottles from the smothies we bought.

We finally made it back to the hostel around 10:30 and entered our hostel room for the first time. Besides one guy who looked like he just returned from a run everyone was asleep in their clothes; one guy was in what was supposed to be my bed but I just took the other free bed.