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We planned on taking a free walking tour of Amsterdam this morning at 11 but since Frank woke me up at 10:45 saying we need to go now or we wil miss our free breakfast that ends at 11, we had to cancel that plan.

Our number one priority was seeing the Van Gogh Museum so we hopped on a tram and took care of that first. The museum is set up pretty nicely, showing some works by artists that influenced him then walking through his works in a cronological order. One of the paintings I liked was called the Young Peasant Girl by Jules Breton. some of Van Gogh’s more interesting paintings were the Asian Inspired and sometimes copied works. its crazy to think that he shot himself partly because he thought he was a failure and now millions of people enjoy his work. The museum talked about the hidden flowers and many hidden underpaintings that can be found using special equipment. truth is he was just poor; eventually his supplier quit giving his supplies on credit and he had no other choice besides to paint over stuff he already painted.

Yesterday destroyed me, my butt muscles were killing me on the walk over to and around the museum but we were deterined to find that skinny bridge. knowing where we were and where we were going we made it but it wasnt too much of a sight, just a bridge built in 1960s; the original was a wooden bridge from 1600’s and had no chance of surviving that long.

After the museum we wandered around like two rotisserie chickens, chasing what ever shade we could find. we read that indonesian food is huge in Amsterdam so we went to get an early diner. The chicken skewer with peanut sauce and coconut sauce overteh rice cakes I had was really good; If your in Amsterdam check out Sie Joe Indonesian restaurant.

When a bike is your car…

more leaning buildings

I think we are past the point of exhaustion; we had no real motivation to continue. Despite the blasphemous nature of my though i will go ahead and say it, Amsterdam may be the lowlight of our trip. yeah they have lax laws regarding marijuana and they may have a crazy red-light district but you can get weed no mater where you are in the world and I’ve heard that prostitutes would be much cheaper in Asia. Don’t get me wrong I have liked the Netherlands; they have a beautiful country full of interesting modern and clasical architecture built on a solid cycling culture but Amsterdam isn’t the place to enjoy it or maybe I need to see it through a locals eyes. Croatia, Poland and Netherlands are on my list of places to visit again so maybe I can couch surf sometime, perhaps in the winter when less tourists will be cluttering the streets.