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Today was another long bus ride. Our 8 hour ride on a Eurolines bus from Amsterdam to Paris was with barely functioning Air conditioner. It wouldn’t have been bad except that the windows on the bus don’t open. The heat helped put me to sleep so I didn’t notice it so much.

We made a stop in Brussels, Belgium where i got my first taste of french language. I am terrible at French though I recognize more than I can recall. In the plaza near the bus stop Frank noticed a Statue of Simon Bolivar, “The Liberator”. We though the statues location was a little strange; but i thought the lighting in the plaza was even stranger. We were standing in the shade of one skyscraper yet Frank’s shadow was cast in the opposite direction by the sun being reflected off of a big glass building,

St. Christopher’s Inn hostel in Paris is pretty nice, a much nicer atmosphere than some of the other big hostels we have been staying at. Its location is also pretty good although it’s not right in the center.

I had no idea where we were heading other than to get food and then see the Eiffel tower. Frank took us to some fancy French place where you leave as hungry as when you arrived since the portions are meant for a child. we waited in line for about a half hour or more to be seated in the cafe sized restaurant because some people thought it had to be an all night event to eat a 5 bite meal. A couple who was seated when we got in line was still there when we were leaving. The menu was totally in French and no English menu existed so I put my brain to work and managed to guess at many dishes, at least the main components.  I ended up ordering calimar de porci…, which was a rice stuffed calamari in its ink.

From there we walked to the Eiffel tower. I never imagined it would be so big, I heard a girl this morning at breakfast say its just a big ugly tower with a great view from the top, don’t take her word for it, it’s an impressive sight. Hoards of people were hanging out in the park drinking wine and smooching with their lovers, so much for an intimate evening.

limo with the US Presidential seal… we will never know who was inside.