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I forgot to mention that the night we went to the Eiffel tower frank was trying to take a picture with his Iphone but kept getting this weird halo in the picture. I read a few weeks ago that this is caused by the rubber cases people use so i suggested Frank take it off for a minute while he takes the picture. As soon as he took the picture he dropped the phone and the screen shattered…. at least he got a halo-less picture.

And last night I forgot to tell about the incidence in the computer area / lounge. I was writing when two kids came in and started playing Foosball. I couldn’t place their accent but I struck up a conversion and found out that Marcus and Patrik are from the West coast of  Sweden. they invited me to play with them but we needed one more person so i started asking around. there were several girls standing around talking, we only needed someone to play for a few minutes but they had no interest so I asked a guy who was staring at his Iphone doing nothing and still no interest. We ended up playing 2 on one and switching.

Today we met Frank’s cousin, Elly at the Opera house. There were pickpockets swarming around the place but we brushed them off and found his cousin. she took us around some of the parts of Paris I wouldn’t have went.  There was this fancy chocolate and sweets place  where one…. ONE macaroon costs 8 Euros.

After drooling over cookies we could never afford we went to Galleries Lafeyete, not for shopping, but to go to the free roof top deck to get a view of the city. Elly’s friend told her about it but she had never been. If I lived in Paris I would bring some food and hang out and read or draw; it was pretty chill.

Sacred Heart Church… we may visit tomorrow.

We grabbed lunch at a place called Galleries Opera, and had a croque madam. Its basically an open-face cheese and ham sandwich with and egg on top.

Since it was about to rain we made a run for the secret entrance of the Louvre but it was closed so we went to the main entrance. I tried to use my Spanish residence card to get a free ticket but they pay close attention and refused me since I am over 25.

I love art but for me the Louvre is an art collectors version of someone who never deletes an Email. I’m sure all of these works of art were important at one time but now they are just making it hard for me to find the truly important ones.  Adding to the frustration of not being able to find what we were looking for was the heat humidity and swarms of people. Go to the Louvre but get out of dodge quickly and save yourself the frustration.