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Each day it’s getting harder and harder to find the motivation to go out and explore. We stayed up last night watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with a British girl who was afraid her country was going to make a fool of itself and Australian girl. After making it through the countries up to those starting with a “T”, each group of travelers cheering for their country, a bouncer came into the bar and started shutting off all of the TVs/ some people from Trinidad got riled up and he put them back on for a split second and then shut it off. The mob’s groans and shouts did no good and we were all pushed into the computer room where there were still two TVs going. Just before the Team USA came out the TV cut to that guide channel. I want to believe it was accident but as soon as the next team came out it went back to full screen.

Our goal for today was to not sweat so that we weren’t disgusting for our later flight from Paris to Marseilles. We didn’t make it to Paris’s red light district last night so we figured at least we could check out the area by day. We took it easy getting over to Montmartre, where you can find the Moulin Rouge.   There were no show girls or flashy lights, besides the hazards on the tourist buses.

from there we hiked through a really nice neighborhood working our way up to the “Sacre Coeur” or Sacred Heart. It’s a strangely out of place, white stone church that looks like it may fit better in an Indian landscape than France.


Street Art placed about 12 ft high on the corner of a building.

Frank laughed at this advertizement, I had forgotten the scene from the movie Pulp Fiction. In the movie John Travolta’s character is… watch this youtube link  then the picture will make sense. (language warning on the youtube video).

Nah man, they got the metric system; they don’t know what the F%%% a Quarter-pounder is.

From there we caught the metro back to the hostel and killed about 3 hours before we had to catch a bus to the airport. Flying Ryanair has the advantage of low pieces but is it much lower? We had to lose two hours because we had to take a bus to the smaller airport located outside of Paris plus we paid 15 Euros for that bus and another 8 to get from Marseilles smaller airport to the city center. The hassle can be worth it but I am not sure it was this time.

The flight was as comfortable as cattle class can be but we made it to Marseilles and got to our hostel, which was really a 30 Euro shower and a 5 hour nap, since we left at 7 am to catch our train to Nice, France on the South coast.