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Megan, a Facebook friend, met me at the airport with her Nufi and we went to get our reserved rental car. they wouldnt take my card so we went to a different one they upgraded us to a minivan for same price. Got to Segovia and picked up my things.

We got into Sevilla around 11 at night and Megan’s roommates helped us carry everything upstairs and also invited me to stay the night although I had already reserved the hostel. we double parked the car so I had to sprint out the following morning to go return it. stressful morning traffic and roundabouts but no major problems.

I found my hostel, in the same place I left it last time I was here. Made it in time for breakfast at the hostal and met some cool people. was trying to look for apartments but super tired but couldn’t check in until after 12.

later on , Nadine, a German girl with green and blond dreads invited me to a Hardcore and Punk concert at a place called “el holandes errante” with her so we got a cab. The driver was lost and we a kid on a scooter was looking for it too so he came up to the cab and asked us. eventually we found the place. we met some locals and Nadine met one of the bands in Germany so she figured she would go and meet them again.

It was in an industrial part of town, in a block of warehouses. Inside it was like any other concert venue except that the lights were made from reused street lamps. the kids wardrobes were pretty much by the book.

Everything came to an end around 3am. she didn’t want to leave scooter boy so I headed out. I had no idea where I was but knew the highway was close and that I was about 5 km from the center, an hours walk. I hopped a fence, found a sign on the highway telling me the way to a familiar point of reference, walked the apocalyptic-like streets and finally got back home an hour and a half later.