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I HAVE A PLACE TO CALL HOME!!! first floor flat with an Italian and a Spaniard and tomorrow a German girl I met in the hostel  moves in as well; hurray for diversity. its right at my price range. The window is small and the room sort of dark though painted entirely white and the bed quite hard but nothing a trip to our local Ikea won be able to spice up… YES we are a big city , nothing like Segovia we have all the major stores even a Corte Ingles where you can get organic and natural foods, soy and other vegetarian delights.

Back tracking a bit, I met two girls in the hostel from Seattle who were super cool and we hung on the rooftop and listened to a Brazilian jazz-like band. It was so nice; the evenings are cool but not cold and Alona and her friend [Schite! for not remembering names! its on the tip of my tongue ] made interesting and funny conversation. The next day I met two Texans in the pool on the hostels roof.  One girl, Bess, studying elementary science education and Julie Spanish and English language.

Today Nadine helped move my stuff in from Megan’s which was a huge help. she lugged a 50lb rolling suitcase and carried my hiking bag while I rolled the other 60lb suitcase and lugged the 30-40 lb hiking bag.

When I stayed at Megan’s a set of house keys got lost/ misplaced so that looks great on me. they were there when I went to bed I saw them. Mysteriously though, there is a random set of keys that belongs to no one in the house.

After getting everything moved in I had to run out to meet Selma a girl from the program we are doing. Since I was running late and because i was excited to have a use for my skateboard I grabbed it. We had a nice conversation then a group of several people from our program came by and Nadine showed up just then too. Nadine doesn’t fit well in that group with her piercings and hair and clothes. we left and went walking to find food but when everyone stopped we decided to say bye and head out; I didn’t feel I fit well either.

Tonight I went out with the two Texans for a tapas tour and had a great time. all sorts of good things but the one that stood out was fried cheese on raspberry glaze. Also we had what is supposedly real sangria made with several different types of alcohol including vermouth; it wasn’t bad.

I headed out from the hostel towards my house, sidewalk surfing on my tiny 24inch skateboard I made. the hard green wheels are sharp looking but the stone sidewalks here are super slippery and when I cutback while cruising pretty good it slid out and I went sailing. It was so fun though; I havn’t rode in such a long time.