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Nadine and Went north of the Almeda, to the parliament building to check out the protest. The police presence here was scant when compared with what I saw back at the RNC day one, RNC day two and the DNC. It seemed a family and community event, babies in strollers, people out with their dogs, old people and school kids. there were green and white flags of Andalucia and purple red and yellow flags [the flag of the 2nd republic of Spain from 1931 to 1936] amongst other flags and banners.

A guy was yelling over a loud speaker, leading the chants, like, “No hay pan pa’ tanto chorizo” [there’s not enough bread for so much sausage] which can translate to something like not enough money for so many thieves.  some chants catchy and dance inducing, others with an aggressive edge.

“Democracy has been kidnapped we are beginning the rescue”

the median planted with flowers and decorated grasses was trampled as the police forced people out of the lanes of traffic in front of the parliament. The loud speaker guy declared that all that was wanted was to enter peacefully to have his concerns heard in front of the Spanish Government. Then 10 anti-riot cops came running and strengthened the police line across the gates of the parliament building, leaving the rest of the protesters free to spill over into the street cutting off traffic.

The hipocracy of the day was a big bank across from Parliament that posted big signs across the windows spelling out,” we are not responsible, we’re just as much a victim as you”. most likely it was just a ploy to hopefully dissuade people from smashing the windows in in case of a riot.

I tried to get a picture of this guy and his gun but when i would aim at him he turned around so I couldn’t get the gun. With time he forgot and turned around.

Don’t Fire Professors

Later I went to meet A friend Catherine and we  went to Lucia’s place to meet her and some others. There are a ton of Auxiliares and Erasmus students here in Sevilla. I’m not down with the clubbing scene so when they finished their game of Ring of fire and talking a while we headed out, me towards home and them to the club.  I met Hellen and another girl who is organizing a group to register voters in Spain and they talked about organizing a watch party though it will be super early morning.

On the way home, on the Triana side of the bridge i ran into Nadine and strangely, the Israeli guy who looked at our apartment.  when i got home i had several messages on FB asking whats going on in Spain yet i had no real idea. my roommate told me and i checked out stories on the internet. Here is a video from Madrid: 25-S Protest