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Its been hard to find time to write lately. Ive been out a ton meeting the new language teachers and exploring the city. Its been rainy and chilly and I havn’t wanted to take out the camera much but i managed to get a few pictures to share.

my three friends i met at the hostel the first days i was in Sevilla ; Alona Mariah and Nadine

taxi driver lost, looking up directions in a book GET A GPS!

At the hardcore concert with Nadine

I have met some more people and have found a hand full of people I think will become good friends or at least cool people to hang out with from time to time.

I wasnt planning on going out to this club get together that one of the auxiliares put together but after a dinner with a few cool people i decided to hold my judgement and go. i have only ever been to a club once. Back home i went for a friends birthday and 5 minutes after leaving there was a stabbing in the stairwell where I had just been.

Since we had free VIP entry what harm could be done. It was a strange and very foreign atmosphere; too many blinkey lights, and distractions to focus on anyone thing. I have really surprised my self lately normally my anxiety makes things like the concert I went to unenjoyable but even at this club I was fine besides being packed shoulder to shoulder with sweaty people. Eventually enough was enough though and I headed out for a super long walk home but was offered a bed to crash in at a friends place.

I like Where I live but its a good walk to the center; maybe a half hour.

People are always rowing or kayaking.

local police prescient

Gualquiver river, Christopher Columbus sailed through here on his way to the new world; i live a 5 minute walk from here !

Tomorrow is my first day. I havn’t heard anything from my school so i’m going to just show up and hope for the best. I am starting to get first day jitters but thanks to A friend and her Spanish Fiance that was interrupted by an invitation to and a picnic in the park a few blocks from my house. I also inherited one of her private classes she cant do and it turns out its only a few doors down from where I live. I will be working with a 10 year old boy on Tuesdays.

There are things I have been meaning to write but don’t have the time; this city is much bigger than Segovia and has much more to offer. hopefully I can manage to make at least weekly updates and photo posts.

-Tapas Tour

-National Balet

-Skate Contest

-Roomie hunt.