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Today was simple getting to school. On the walk up I stopped to take a picture or two and a guy ringing a doorbell near where I stopped asked me what I was taking a picture of. I explained that it was just much different than where I was. The architecture colors and palm trees. which by this time the door opened and the lady who answered had joined the conversation. She explained that now not so many palm trees were alive because they got some virus and many died. The guy said to call him “Lechero” [milk man] and said if I ever need anything just holler, he lives just beside the school.

Dog from the other day near the Triana Bridge.

I strolled in, poked my head into class but Ana wasn’t in class some other teacher was [Teachers switch rooms not students in Spain]. I wandered around a while then came back to fin this time that there was NO teacher in class and kids were shouting and going mad; are these the same ones from yesterday? Ana was supposed to make schedule changes and make me a schedule but never got around to it so i just jotted down my classes for Tuesday before being escorted by two sixth graders to my first class; 4th grade group B with Marta [ I think]. she made a slight adjustment and had the kids ask me questions. they were able to ask some but not like the group yesterday.

My Bus Stop. Later in the day i used this stop to get to a shopping center and it was ruffling  with  chirping baby birds everywhere .

After that I had 2nd grade group B with Cenci. again kids bouncing off walls. I taught them about how my city was named “sticks of fire by people living there before the explorers arrived. we are back to the yelling and banging things on the desk routine.  when i left i heard them do some type of mirrored  clapping thing maybe their attention-getter. I’m going to try it next time.

Guys working near my building.

Ana thought it would be nice for me to hang with the kids during recess. I grabbed my apple and a bottle of water, expecting to go down stairs and kick a soccer ball around while talking with my students but was shocked to see a mob of kids playing chase and several tables lined up with kids playing chess; older ones leaning over the younger ones teaching them how to play and suggesting moves. two teachers were keeping an eye out for illegal moves but the kids pretty much managed themselves which amazed me. But i still couldn’t figure out what was the deal with no soccer though. but my bewilderment was cut short by an Air Raid Siren, that’s to say the school “bell” it’s pretty disturbing.

When me and Nadine went to the skatepark for the non existent Skate competition. that guy just bunny hopped his bike UP those stairs without effort.

the older kids coaching and cheering on the young kid who pulled off the trick.

I then went over to Patricia’s 2nd grade class. I told them how Florida was Surrounded by water. they asked about sharks and sea cucumbers and stingrays and blue whales and killer whales and grey whales and black and white whales, I think at that point they were just testing me. I said i’ve never seen a whale but that we have sea cows and explained but i didn’t have a projector so I will have to look for a picture for them [ I forgot that I have wireless internet or I would have just looked it up]  I looked like a fool in front of Patricia one of the younger cuter teachers . I have a spelling problem, some words i doubt my spelling because my Spanish interferes. I looked at the word written on the board M-O-U-N-T-A-I-N-S but it looked so wrong to me. I erased it and tried again and looked at Patricia for affirmation that it was right and she nodded.

Valencina Near where I work

With a few minutes left one of the kids got up and handed out little baggies of treats to all the other kids; it was his birthday. In Spain you bring gifts on your birthday, no forgetting birthday presents  that way!

I met Ana and she drove me home today, a Euro saved! She explained why they dont have soccer. the one story is that the big kids hurt the littler ones when they kick teh ball too hard but really its because they have a program implemented to promote coed interaction; soccer was segregating the playground and girls were literally marginalized to talk or jump rope on the edges of the play area.  but I ended up spending it getting to the Ikea later to get a few small things for my apartment but first I had my private class today .

I met Rafa and his son, Also Rafa and Rafa’s grandma, Carmen and grandpa who’s name I don’t remember. they were super nice. I was told he can’t focus and is sort of hyper but he seemed pretty mellow to me. We just reviewed some things and I got a feel for what he knows.