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The Second Sunday in October the “Romerias de Torrijos” happen. Its a pilgrimage to see the virgen to the Altar  in the hacienda. when the Moorish troops invaded Andalucia the Christians hid religious artifacts. The altar in Torrijos was hidden behind a false wall and went undiscovered until around 1600, when a rooster started pecking at some plaster and revealed a statue of Jesus tied to a post. My students and I got a sneak peek to this weekends festival and then we spent the afternoon in the park eating and playing.

There is a rooster an the altar

At the park there were some kids playing on broken monkey bars; there were 3 rungs then three missing and three more.  I started taking with some of the kids trying to get them to ask me some questions in English and they asked if I could do the Monkey bars. I hung around encouraging kids to make it further and further across the monkey bars. I called over a little rocker looking boy with long blonde hair and converse and asked if he could cross them. he gave a good effort making it about 3/4th of the way across and slipped  landing directly on his butt and groaned, “Ay mi culo”, rubbing his backside, sending off a cloud of yellow-orange dust.