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A few nights back I passed this community garden but the gates were closed and I couldn’t really see what was in it since it was dark outside.  through a friend I made at the other community garden I got a Facebook invite to a fundraiser  for Engineers Without Borders which was taking place at the Rey Moro gardens on Saturday, today.

I had already made plans to go to a picnic with some of the international teachers but figured it would be better to try and meet some new, Spanish people. I headed out alone on my bike and started to remember the area but couldn’t find the street exactly but some groups of people walking on an otherwise empty street ahead gave away the events location.

I walked around checking out the ill cared for garden that’s on a few abandoned vacant lots in the old part of town. Back in 2004 a group of people illegally started using the space for gardens. once established they have been successfully fighting the city for rights ever since.

There are bathrooms, picnic tables a covered shelter made from bamboo and palm fronds, a library and a kids play area with a zip line. Kids also had some special activities like making homemade chia pets and mask making while adults sat around talking and eating some different all vegetarian, organic food.

After walking around a while, not having any money since I realized I left my wallet at home in my other pants I was about to leave. As I was walking towards the exit  I saw a girl under some trees with a canon DSLR camera and asked if she would send me some pictures from the event to us in this blog post. After trading information Cecilia and I ended up talking and I met her friend Alice, who is from Italy.

Cecilia and Alice on a 3 Pallet Chair.

After Baking in the sun for a while they taking about this and that they offered to buy me  a drink so we all got a cup of Lemonade someone had made fresh. Then we checked out the library where I found a copy of a book by one of my favorite Spanish language authors, Horacio Quiroga. I  needed to take care of a few things since Sundays everything is closed so I said bye and headed out.

Thanks again to Cecilia for letting me use the pictures from her Fliker.