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Jaclyn, my Auxiliar friend from North Florida, invited me last minute to join her and her friend Emily for a beach trip. I wasnt given any more info besides that it was a beach near Huelva and that the bus was at 8.

In the morning i woke up at 7:35 and had enough time to throw a few things in my backpack and run out of the door to the Sevici Public Bike share stand, grab a bike and pedal full speed to the bus station. I didn’t see Jaclyn when I got to the station but from facebook I thought I recognized Emily but wasn’t sure. Then the girl beside her turned around, it was Amanda another auxiliar from Pittsburg.

Jaclyn showed up and it turns out the bus wasn’t until 815. Emily and I talk most of the way to the beach about Japan; She lived there  doing the Jet program, which I am applying for this year. We talked my trip to Japan and her experience living there. I’m super excited about the possibility of working and living in Japan.

When we got to the beach we all were freezing since it was overcast and windy, not the best beach weather. we dropped into a cafe had breakfast and then went out for a walk. there was a really skinny stray cat that came over to us as we were walking towards the beach. It walked in front of Jaclyn before she noticed it and accidentally kicked it.  She loves cats; after all of us telling her not to touch the cat she didn’t.  The cat was just hungry I think. it followed us and followed us, up along a boardwalk crossing some dunes and back, down to some rocks by the beach and finally Jaclyn caved and gave it some of her chicken sandwich.


We were all hungry so we went back to the same cafe and bought some sandwiches to go and walked down to the beach and found a beach bar closed. we sat on their deck, letting the bar block the chilly wind, while we ate and talked. It was awesome to chill out and talk more openly than I usually would. It felt like I had good friends.

We had to catch the bus at 3 otherwise we would be stuck until the last bus came at 8. Before we realized it it was almost 3 so we packed up and headed to the bus stop. Just as we got there  it started to rain. there were some older Spanish people waiting who started a conversation with us. Jaclyn was wearing all black and had her sweaters hood up and the old woman beside us asked if she was mourning.  She was nearly incomprehensible though i did learn from her that small change like 1 cent and 5 cent coins are called “chatarra” basically [scrap metal].