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A while back I made a Facebook Friend with a girl, Rachel, doing the Auxiliares program. she is from the Northeast and lives in a town between Cordoba and the coast. after talking on Facebook a bit we finally met up after making plans for me to host her for a few nights so she could check out Sevilla.

I had to run to work right after meeting up with her so she walked with me and hung around while I did my one hour class. Megan finished work as I did so I invited her to join us for tapas but we ended up just walking around for a while and decided to meet up at 11 for “botellon” by the river. On the way home we stopped and bought some beer for the botellon and Megan said she had wine.

We ended up talking by the river, eating chocolate and watching two guys wander the bank of the river adding what ever leftover alcoholic remnants they could find into their two glasses making some “Gualquiverjuice”, until the chill of the 2am air was too much. Since my roommate Max was going out of town to visit his girlfriend he offered his room to Rachel. Megan and her ended up crashing there.

I woke up to Megan and Rachel telling me to go back to sleep and that they were going out to buy stuff to make breakfast. When they got back they got to work on french toast, home fries and onions bacon and eggs.

After we ate we went to check out the quintessintial Sevilla; the cathedral, Alcazar and a few other landmarks but since neither Megan nor I had our residence cards yet we would have had to pay for something that we otherwise could experience free so we didn’t enter.

Our last stop on the Sevilla tour was the setas [mushrooms], which look more like waffles. its only a Euro to go up and take a look over the city. we got a drink at a cafe and the waiter wouldn’t bring us our check so we approximated the bill, dropped some change and walked off so that we wouldn’t miss the sunset.

We had just enough time to check out the view before it started raining on us. To get out of the weather We went to Plaza de Armas Theater to check out the showings for the European Film Fest but were pretty limited on the last night. We bought some tickets for a Dutch Zombie comedy called Zombibi and headed to La Alameda, a pedestrian street full of bars cafes and restaurants, where the Spanish alternative crowd is famed to hang out. We went back to Arte y Sabor to show Rachel a nice restaurant that has quite a few vegetarian options. after someone covering someones movie tickets and someone owing someone one euro for something earlier then having to split the bill it got really confusing with the bill. I over paid by two Euros somehow but couldn’t figure out. I wasn’t worried about the Euros , I was just curious how the math worked out.

I carried the math problem next door to a pizza place since we were all still a little hungry. I never did figure it out [Megan did a day or two later].  Waiting for our pizza we reviewed the best and worst of our food from Arte y Sabor. everything was good besides the        “fel-awful”.

The movie was cool but it is confusing watching a movie in Dutch while reading Spanish subtitles and periodically hearing the actors speak English. I want to listen to the Dutch and maybe figure out a word or two. then I hear English and stop reading subtitles and get lost all over again.

We planned to meet up with Megan in the morning to go check out a site nearby. it took a while to get going so we ran off to Valencina to see the Dolmen de la Pastora, a runic, Roman, megalithic structure in the middle of some field by where I work. Megan lives sort of far and didn’t have mush time to get ready so she didn’t come with us.

we didn’t really know exactly where we were going once we got into town but we ran into a guy walking down a dirt road and he assured we were on the right path. We had to duck under some “electrified” fence to get into where the dolmen was. when we got there it was locked [like I supposed it would have been] but the walk was nice, so nice we continued walking through some mud to the next town where we found a hunting ground and had to wander around to find a way out before we could find a bus stop back home.