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IMG_0165 (640x427)A few days before Christmas a friend and I went out to have a drink and watch some free, less than impressive flamenco music and dancing in a cool historic building across the city from where I live.  After getting the death glare and being shushed by the flamenco dancer several times for chatting we just sat, finishing our drinks until the show was over.

Most of the people left when the musicians packed up but a few stayed around including us for a few minutes. The fun-house, vortex tunnel like experience from the table to the front door was a trip. I didn’t trust my self to ride my bike without crashing so I just decided to walk it for a while.

After a block or two, once out of the narrow, cobble stone streets I felt comfortable enough to pedal my way back to Triana, confident I wouldn’t run over any of the late night stragglers who still hadn’t made it home.

Just before the bridge to cross into my neighborhood I patted my pockets checking to make sure I had everything,  feeling slightly lighter than usual. My brand new, made in Spain, leather wallet was missing. It was in the fairly shallow front pocket of my jeans. An attempt to make it less of a target for pickpockets. I wobbly turned my bike around and attempted to remember my exact path, scanning the ground all the way back to the door of the bar we were at.

A few streets over, after having left the bar, a lost couple asked me where it was. fortunately for them I had a little post card that I was given which had a map on it, indicating where the bar was. The card was in the same pocket where I kept my wallet so I resigned to having lost my wallet there in that little orange tree filled plaza, which I couldn’t  again find.

Inside of my wallet besides normal things you may expect I had the last of my cash reserves, a 50 Euro Bill. I canceled my American and Spanish cards leaving me 3 Euros and change in a jar at home to last until my new cards made it.

When the bar opened the following evening I called just to make sure they hadn’t seen it and sure enough they had it, 50 Euro bill still inside! so my Christmas/New-years break travel plans were halted since i lived off of that 50 until i got paid in January.

Careful with the Agua de Sevilla; It’s dangerous