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IMG_0067 (640x427)I heard about some caves in a town near Sevilla a few months ago and had been trying to get out to them but plans fell through or I got occupied by other things. Really it’s just that in Sevilla there is plenty to keep a person busy so I don’t feel motivated to travel like i did when I was living in Segovia last year.

Friends of mine Cynthia and Amanda made plans to Check out the town and caves and invited me to come along. The bus left  from Plaza de Armas  and cost about 8 Euros each way plus you will pay about 10 euros for entrance to the caves which includes a guided tour.

The cavernous environment was the setting in the 1959 movie,  Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Photography is prohibited inside and the only photo i managed to snap was too dark to use so check out some pictures on Flikr.

At one point we heard a pump or generator type sound and someone asked what it was. “don’t worry its just an air quality sensor making sure there is sufficient oxygen for us to be down here”, the guide let us know between explanations of the different mineral deposits.

Down a set of stairs carved out of the stone and around the corner we got to a small underground lake , where we had to cross a steel foot bridge, we were told that it used to be a swinging bridge but after an accident involving its collapse they were forced to replace it.

The rest of the city is pretty small but it is crowned by a castle on the peak the tallest hill and there are some nice walking trails. If you leave on the first bus from Sevilla you can have a enough time to see everything in a day easily.

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