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IMG_0144 (640x427)The same friend,  I was with when I lost my Wallet, Jaclyn and I went to check out a rock climbing wall that she saw from the bus one day, thinking it might be possible to climb there but no such luck. You have to be a member of a rock climbing association.

After checking that out i was on my way to a big supermarket in the city center. lately I have been avoiding going through the center because of the mass of Christmas shoppers and even without the shoppers the cobble stones aren’t pleasant on my road bike. The only way to the supermarket however is down the cobble stone road, which on this day rattled my bikes headlight loose. It hadn’t fallen yet but was hanging by the string attached to it.

I was going neither fast nor slow, sort of a comfortable speed, I looked down to grab the light with my left hand. glanced up and three girls in their mid twenties had almost crossed the road, from my left side to the right. One girl saw me screamed/shrieked. The other pulled her friend out of my way. Mean while I jammed on the breaks with my right hand; the only hand on the handlebars. I tried to turn but it wasn’t possible. I didn’t hit the girl with the bike but I did shoulder check her, sending her flying to the ground, and I spun/flipped off of the bike, noticing all of the shoppers staring as I seemed to float for a second before gravity was turned back on, slamming my hip into the the middle of the lane.

I shot up grabbed my bike, worried I might be run over. My second concern was that i just seriously hurt this girl but she seemed fine other than being pissed at me. I felt sort of in the wrong until I remembered there was no cross walk so technically I was not. Still I made sure she was fine and Hobbled away rubbing my butt. as soon as i made it around the corner and adrenaline ran out I could no longer stand the pain. I tried to walk it off entering the store to grab some food but I got three steps inside and went back out.

From the center of town to my house is only a 10-15 minute bike ride walking at my pace it was going to take over an hour so I managed to get on my bike. Letting the bad leg hang I pedaled one leggedly  home and heated up my rice sack and laid in bed.