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Sometimes an overdose of the people you enjoy being around has only one solution. getting away. Trying to take photos and travel in general for me can often be more enjoyable solo. So I left the girls and hopped a Ferry boat at Eminonu to cross the Bosphorus.

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The Asian side was not noticibly different from the European side other than that food was a little cheaper and there were less tourist. I was without a map and tried my best to pay attentin to where I was but inevitablly after a few turns I gave up and just slolomed my way through the streets. Behind the dusty window of an old shop where a turkish man in his 70’s was selling random odds and ends, there was an analogue camera. I opened the door, setting a little brass bell a jingling and picked up the camera to take a better look at it then the man started trying to speak Turkish to me, to which I could  not  meet with even a single word of his language. knowing there was no way to bargain I put the camera down and went back out into the chilly, overcast day.

On one of the other mostly residential streets I passed a cracked open door, hardly noticing what was going on inside, but the warm, humid air felt nice and drew my attention inside, where about 10 flour covered guys were working dough into Yufka, a round, paper thin bread. I wanted a picture but didnt want to intrude on their work so I walked on past the door and shot a picture or two through the window. One of the guys sort of posed for teh picture and another said something through the cracked open window and waved me into the back door of the bakery.

I had my 50mm Lens on the camera so in such a small space I couldnt really get any nice shots and adding to it coming from the cold to the hot, damp space caused my lens to stay fogged up for the entire time I was in there.

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Some of the guys were trying to speak English with me telling me their names and asking where I was from but other than that there wasnt much we could exchange so I told them bye and left.

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A kid working at the hostal told me that you could make good money working as an English teacher in Turkey so while out I stopped in an English academy to talk with them just out of curiosity but the one lady working was on the phone and was taking forever so I walked out without getting any information and found these enormous stone wheels on the street corner.

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I’m not sure what type of neighborhood I wandered into but I can bet this car didn’t look like this when it was stolen.

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I had had enough of Asia, and more acurately the cold, for one day so i went back to the docks to wait for a boat back. In teh chaos of workers boarding i got confused and got on the wrong boat, which still took me back across the Bosphorus but not to the correct port so I had a long walk back. The Mosques began a call to prayer so i tucked away in the back corner and watched while I warmed up a little bit.

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Later than night there was some commotion outside of the hostal and everyone went out to see what was happening. Just as we got out the door four police were lifting someones push-cart- Kebab stand up onto the back of a truck which was unfortunate because I was just about to get one after hearing how delicious it was from a guy staying in our room.