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Our last day would be filled with all sorts of running around. we had to try to get the replacement sapphire from the jeweler who sold Sara her necklace but in the end it was impossible to locate the shop. then we had some lunch above the spice market. then we hopped on a ferry from Kabatash to Heybeliada Island, one of Turkey’s Princess Islands.

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Unique street vendor/artist. Selling Spirograph drawings and kits; that took me back to elementary school.

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Simits. Basically a Turkish version of a bagel. they are best with cheese

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The Blue Bosque

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Galata Tower

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it was quite a ride so Megan devised a makeshift Backgammon board that was particularly susceptible to aspirated expressions of frustration or success.

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Once we got to the island we had one and a half hours to see the island before we had to be back at the dock to catch the last ferry of the day. there are very few motorized vehicles on this island so people mainly rely on horse and cart to move around. we found a fairly straight path up to the top of the mountain and got to climbing stair after stair after seemingly endless stairs, which now in hind sight hardly compare to all the steps i climbed up and down in Peru.

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Looking down the infinite road of stairs

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I would wash clothes just to have an excuse to stand and look out over the ocean. be right back just going to hang up some clothes…

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these kids were in a park at the top. we kicked the ball around for a while. We tried to communicate but they didn’t speak English and Turkish i learned is a pretty difficult language to grasp in so few days. i couldn’t even get down two basic phrases, my name is… and what is your name?

We didn’t want to have to sprint down the stairs so we agreed that we would start walking down a half hour before but when I looked up from playing soccer I couldn’t find Megan and I wasn’t sure if I should start heading down or stay and wait. Luckily as I was edging my way towards the stairs she came around from the back side of the hill where there was a forest path. We bought a snack at a little cafe and waited for the Boat.

megan ferry ride istanbul

So windy and So cold riding back into Istanbul.

After c packing up our things we hung around the hostal and for a bit got dinner and waited until our shuttle van came at 4 in the morning. He threaded the van through the hairpin corners and compact streets rattling to a stop on the cobbled street, in front of another hotel and we picked up the two waiting passengers. in my early morning fog I must not have even paid any attention to the two getting in. The girl from behind me says I must not recognize her and she reintroduces herself as Katie, an auxiliar from Sevilla… of course then I realize who it was.

At the airport finally the woman at check-in gives us awesome news; the flight was over booked and if we volunteer to take the next available flight we will each get 200 Euros. We looked at each other and nodded in agreement HECK YES! we paid less than that each for our round trip flights. she told us to go to our planned gate and wait for the plane to board and if once loaded we didn’t fit to return to the check in to change our flight to the next one leaving 2 hours later. Sadly there was room on the flight so we missed out.