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Sara will be flying out tomorrow so we went to the Gran Bazaar so She and Megan could do some souvenir shopping. The majority of what was for sale was cheap goods and imitations of name brands being sold to exuberant and credulous tourists. I’m skeptical of anyone trying to hard to convince me and I didn’t have any money to wast anyhow. Megan on the other hand bought two nice looking cashmere scarves for more than they were worth, once she realized how quickly they began to unfurl and snag. Sara got a beautiful necklace  with a sapphire set in a border of some other stones, all in all it was a pretty heavy price. The following morning she sent us an Email from the airport asking us to go back to that shop and that the owner would give her a new sapphire since the original fell out after only one day.

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Contented  by their new purchases we wandered the stalls and Megan still wanting a nice chess set would occasionally stop and try to bargain a deal but never near enough to her price. i kept noticing these little cups and plates on the floor all around the market and would occasionally see a young guy zip around and pick them up, placing them on his tray that dangles from 3 or four chains.

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 Turns out this guy runs a little tea bar and delivers to the employees of the Bazaar. They serve their tea scalding hot so why their tea cups are made of glass and do not have a handle is one of the worlds great mysteries.

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If you can manage to find this place on the edge of the Gran Bazaar I highly recommend it. we ate here while passing through on a previous day.

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I really enjoyed the architecture in this city. The inevitable Haya Sofya. outside it has a certain fortress like feel but inside it outshines its rival the Blue Mosque. IMG_0367 (640x427)

Old minbar or pulpit that was salvaged and installed outside in the little archaeological/ historical site.

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Excuse me?! Swastikas and hearts? in a Turkish mosque? if anyone knows about this please let me know.

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Something about good luck for putting your thumb in and rotating your hand 360 degrees. After the mosque we said adios to Sara and Megan and I continued on our path.

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We then went over to Eminonu  to eat at the dinner boats that rock around while preparing the typical fish sandwiches. we were hoping for a repeat of the one we got along the shore a few days ago. They weren’t alright but the atmosphere made up for it.

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We sat on Some tiny barrels eating our food and kept eyeing the plastic cups of red juice containing what looked like cabbage that were being sold from a little cart near us. She would try it if I would try it, we agreed. I remember eating it not convinced but not totally grossed out, it was some sort of pickled leafy vegetable.

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After dinner we went over to the spice market and picked up some orange Spice that I now love using on chicken and browsed mainly ogling over all the potential dishes we could make if we had these spices that most Spaniards surely don’t use. from there we headed up towards the university. By the time we found our way there it was dark and the gates were shut so we just wove our was back through the desolate streets that were just a half hour ago bustling with the days final sales.IMG_0531 (2) (640x427)