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In Parque San Jeronimos, about a 20 minute bike ride from where I live, there was a hippy/alternative fest, the 21st “Encuentro Alternativas”. Amanda and I went and met up with Cynthia and some others to enjoy the sun drenched arrival of spring. I managed to not get burnt others weren’t so lucky.

IMG_0017 (640x427)A Russian artist’s gift to Sevilla; Chriostopher Colombus watched over us  from his mammoth bronze egg as people browse hand made goods.

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In Spanish style, it turned to a “botellon”, sitting around with some wine and beers as people played with Niek’s puppy. we all just crashed after binging on vegetarian food. I’m not sure what was my favorite but the Indian food with pankora onions and honey sauce, lentils and curry potatoes were called me back for another 5 Euro plate.

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There were jugglers and slack liners and some combining both. this guy Manuel was a talented slack liner. 

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It took all day but eventually I started to get the hang of it and was able to make it across one of the shorted lines and almost was able to turn around.

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There were 5 lines set up and still lines were forming to try. Kids especially wanted to try I helped lift some kids up onto the line between turns but the kid in the orange jacket wanted to go alone and ended up being not bad. i think the adults who tried it had the most fun though as we let them steady themselves on our shoulders.

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Though it got chilly as the sun went down we still weren’t ready for the day to end but it had to so I took a few more turns on the slack line and packed up my beer stained, hand made quilt.

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