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A few days ago, waiting at the bus stop I met a beautiful slovenian girl named Mojca, who was working at the high school in Valencina, where  I have been working. it was one of those experiences where you start talking and everything clicks. we talked all the way back into where we lived and could have kept talking. we traded info and agreed to meet up.

I hadn’t seen Italica, the oldest Roman city in Spain [206 B.C.] despite it being only a 15 minute bus ride from where I live. The weather was perfect for being outdoors so a trip to see the ruins was a great way to spend the day.

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brick oven pizzas?

IMG_0238 (640x427)

a lot to take in. a guy riding a peacock, and whats going on between that guys legs?


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Mojca always breaking rules. we hopped the fence and took the back entrance to the hall of the gladiators.

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looks like the stone just melted like wax

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