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973344_10151577453069455_790874596_nI had no plans since many of my friends went to Territorios a huge music fest and a few others went traveling Spain this weekend. Luckily my friend Mojca was free. we decided to cook some diner and then we walked to La Cartuja, the business district where the CAAC is located. at the CAAC there is, besides a modern art museum, a huge field, where the festival was happening. We were hoping to hear the music from outside and have a drink on the sidewalk and listen for free but I think everyone else had the same idea and with their talking it was impossible to hear anything.

I love hanging out with Mojca, though its only been a few times, because she lives in the moment and on a tight budget so it forces her to get creative, so she said. I think she just gets a rush out of bending and breaking rules. In any case the picket for the music fest was 30 euros and neither her nor I had one. We saw a street without people and though from there we would be able to hear so we passed through the security checkpoint where a man patted down Mojca’s purse checking mainly for alcohol I think. Then I went through and he didn’t even touch my messenger bag, luckily. then we went to the but without a ticket it was gonna be hard to talk our way in. Impossible. So we went on towards the empty street  but were cut off by some portable barricades. Over we went and some guy yelled at us that we can’t hop the barrier. I explained in Spanish that we were parked on the other side as we wondered against the stream of people towards what we found to be the exit. there were two security guards and I was afraid I may be taken away by police. It wasnt gong to be easy because they seemed to know what they were doing, one always covering the others back.


After standing around pretending to be on the phone waiting for friends to come out we decided that if we sprint in and mix in the crowd they couldn’t find us in the dark. just before were about to make a break for it a group walked up carrying a cooler and huge bags full of food. one of the security guards talked with them and then disappeared, leaving them standing there.


down to one guard we knew the chance was high that we could walk past. two guys walked up leaving the guards back to us. Than Mojca started walking I hesitated as she gained a 5 or 10 step lead then i went for it. just as i walked the guard turned his head away from me distracted by other concert goers who were leaving. With huge smiles and a high five we were in.


Dont mind Stefano, the tall guy photo bombing the picture. its payback from Mojca photo bombing other peoples photos.


We checked out some music by El Canijo de Jerez then we switched stages to see Emir Kusturica and the big event was Fatboy Slim.

Day 2: Attempted Entry

After such a fun night on Friday we decided to try our luck again, we made it almost where we snuck in before but were blocked so we went around the huge park to try a different way in. We spotted a 10 foot wall blocked by some trees and bushes so we wouldn’t draw much attention but because it was so high and the top was angled there was no way to grip the edge of the wall to climb up.  this was no problem for Mojca who is also a rock climber, she just shimmied up the tree, walked across a branch that was overhanging the wall and then straddled the wall while I hooked her purse on her foot so she could pull it up then did the same with my messenger bag with an 8 pack inside.

When I got to the top of the wall I looked down on the outside of the wall to see a guard yelling in Spanish but didn’t have time to pay attention, I followed Mojca’s lead, grabbing a branch and using it to repel down the other side of the wall. When we hit the ground a handful of other reverse jail-breakers came out of the shadows and we all started walking towards the music, stepping on a fence that had previously been knocked over.

All of teh sudden i caught a yellow reflector vest in our vicinity and called out, “guardia” and everyone scattered at full speed. i lost sight of Mojca and went into hyperdrive scanning everything around me for potential outs. Straight ahead to the left was the stage where O’funkill’O was playing. to access the crowd I would have had to pass a guard to get through a gap in the fence so I cut hard left, considering going up the ramp and joining the band on stage and then crowd surfing into oblivion. funny side story is that the bassist for that band is the father of one of my students at the elementary school where i’m working but I never had the chance to meet him or that might have been a more likely escape.

After sprinting i needed to catch my breath and rethink our way in so i ducked behind a head high wall when Mojca came up from behind me drawing my attention to the guard only a few feet away guarding the exit form the VIP section where we were. She tried the dumb foreigner card saying we just need to use the bathrooms but he didn’t buy it. He grabbed my jacket around the bicep area and began flashing his MagLight to draw the attention and assistance of his colleague but no one came. His grip began to loosen up just slightly then a little more. I said into Mojca’s ear that on the count of three we were going to run straight ahead and cut to the right at the end of the gravel road, knowing that if I jerked away he wasn’t holding tight enough.

On three Neither Mojca nor I moved, I didn’t think she was going to run and judged right, but it was for the better because just after that he let me go. Mojca slowly too a a few steps away from him and I followed. after about 5 or 6 steps I counted to three again and we both split running down the path but for me there was too much light and I knew we were just gonna hit more guards so I cut right into the rows of olive trees to take advantage of the darkness but every 15 feet i had to duck under some branches. At the end of the rows there was another guard. I was stuck in a pickle and turned 180. I cut back out onto the gravel hoping to pick up some speed when a thin branch hit me in the face knocking off my glasses  but I couldn’t stop with security on my tail.  A dude in black in the trees knocked me over then put me in a choke-hold. he was really cutting off my circulation and airflow so I was trying to break his hold but couldn’t so I gave up and he took my right arm and put it behind my back.

“Te gusta correr, eh? [you like running don’t you?] He sarcastically taunted then jerked me up by my neck. Just then Mojca appeared [from hiding in the trees, I later learned] She was still trying the English only foreigner card uselessly but I was grateful she hadn’t abandoned me. they walked us to the exit with me still in a choke hold and arm bent behind my back while I futilely pleaded for them to stop and look for my glasses. “No me importa tus putas gafas” [I dont give a F*** about your glasses] is what he said  to be almost exact.

Resigned to having lost my glasses only days before setting off on a two month trip to South america we cracked out two beers and let the Adrenaline tremors settle down. an hour later we walked back to the entrance and asked two volunteers if they would go look. After 15 minutes she came back empty handed. A guard, overhearing the conversation, walked over, put his expressionless  face a few inches from mine and asked me to describe them; “they are black with transparent lenses”. That didn’t satisfy him. he demanded a brand but I couldn’t think because of nerves, then it came to me. he wiped them out of his pocket plopped them into my hand and said, “And don’t jump the wall again. Understand?