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A few months back my friend Weronika who I met in Japan, invited me to come to Peru with her after finding super cheap tickets. I arrived in Lima without a place to stay but just assumed things would work out. on the plane I met two Slovakians who had a third friend who backed out so I took his place in the taxi and in the hostal. Along the coast in the Miraflores district of Lima there is a big shopping center and an outdoor food court  that looks over the Pacific Ocean.

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There are tons of old Volkswagen Beetles and Transporters everywhere. IMG_0010 (640x427)

Public transport in Lima is colorful. apparently one destination is “Callao” in Spain Spanish that would mean shutup.IMG_0032 (640x411)

Some public art in Parque 9 Julio. one banner reads, “when I cant play I get bored”. the whole exhibition was dealing with children and education.IMG_0038 (640x427)

My Slovak friends Norberto and Darina.IMG_0059 (640x316)

Just leaving Lima begins a dusty, dune filled environment, Paralleling the coast.IMG_0061 (640x339) IMG_0066 (640x225)

Around 6 we opened the curtains to mystic, foggy mountains. I get carsick easily so I asked for Dramamine before the trip. The Peruvian version is  Gravitol. It worked so well i was able to work on my laptop through the windy mountain roads with out once feeling dizzy. IMG_0075 (640x338) IMG_0077 (640x427) IMG_0085 (640x300) IMG_0089 (640x354) IMG_0090 (640x348) 

I checked into our hostal and took it easy, feeling light headed from being at 3,500 meters above sea level [11,500ft]. later I was in the shower when i heard someone yelling my name, it was Weronika who I hadn’t seen since June of last year when we met in Poland . Cuzco’s Main Square is Plaza de Armas, like the main bus station back in Sevilla. next to the Peruvian flag is the Cuzquenyo flag, A rainbow flag of horizontal stripes.

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In some plaza we stumbled across some sort of street fair where people were playing Foosball and a few other games. One of them was some sort of gambling game where you could throw a coin on a big gridded board, where each square represented a money amount.


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Ther following day we switched hostals for something cheaper. Our hostal located on this dirt road cost us 12.5 soles each for a twin room. one sol is about 40 USA Cents, so like 5 bucks a night. then we went to the market and i risked my stomach to eat a super cheap but delicious and filling lunch. for 3.5 soles I ate vegetable soup, rice, salad, lentils and potato meat stew and a glass of tea.

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In the market you can find every part of many animals for sale. these look like donkey snouts. Gonna have to look up a recipe and give them a try.

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The view from our hostal’s kitchen, looking over Cuzco.

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At night we went to the Templo de Sol [Temple of the Sun] we were really lucky and caught part of a Ceramony.

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