Back in Cuzco waiting around for Weronika to get back from her trip to the mountains, I got a recomendation to check out some near by ruins. After breakfast I hiked up 20 minutes from the hostal to Saxahuayman, some Inca ruins completes in the beginning of the1500´s.  the stones were brought from about 5 km away and worked with pin-point accuracy to set them with no gaps and no mortar in the joints. the largest stone is estimated to weigh around 80 tons. 

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Those were Alpaca. there was a group there running around playing. they are left there so they dont have to mow the grass. They were so curious and at one point the white one came nose to nose with me as I was laying in the grass taking their pictures.

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This huge rock formation is behind the ruins and is known as the Arco Iris if I overheard the guide right. The rock forms a slide on one side which is really fast; iknow first hand. IMG_0066 (640x427)

Father and son Inca thrones?

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look how many stones had to be cut to fit around the central stone. These are a little bigger than basketballs but they did the same thing with stones as big as cars.IMG_0085 (640x361)

What will we leave behind to be discovered a thousand years from now?

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that snow capped mountain in the far horizon is Bolivia.

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Sorry Mojca, that 35mm camera was too damn heavy. Fortunately I met a Colombian traveler who was very apreciative and said she would use it. I got about 10 good pics from a roll of 36. I also gave away a pair of long johns a t shirt a long sleeve dress shirt and a long sleeve t shirt and my multi tool. Just had too much stuff and still do.

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This dog was sharing our hostel, she belonged to my Colombian traveler friend I made. A girl who used the slang, “parcero” too much. It means Dude or bro basically.

on june 2nd i spent the day relaxing I didnt even leave teh hostel till like 5 to eat then came back and around 830 heard Weronika. We grabbed our bags and headed to the bus station to catch a bus to Puerto maldonado but did we make it on time? Was there even a bus? That story next time I post.