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Lima was uneventful But I met cool people at my hostal which was really welcomed after feeling lonely from my crappy hostal in Nazca. The hostal has an open kitchen so I made some food and invited one of my new friends to half. then the Brazilian archaeological students I met invited me to some of their food and hot chocolate.

Later in the evening as I was sitting on the couch I heard a familiar voice coming from the reception desk. when I turned around I couldn’t believe it. It was Fernando, the Spanish guy who I met on my trip to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu.

while I was  elima I figured I would make use of the day and headed off to the National Archaeological and Anthropological Museum with a young Canadian kid I met in the Subway sandwich shop under our hostal. The weather was crap so it was a perfect day to be indoors learning about some of the pre-Inca cultures of Peru.  It was good timing in the trip too, having seen quite a bit but still having some parts of the country to still see.

Some of the intricate and cartoonish paintings or slip drawings on the ceramics were really nice. I was most impressed though by the fact that these people were using slip casting to replicate ceremonial pottery, changing my view slightly on reproduction artwork.