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After staying up til 4am arguing, my bank finally upped my monthly spending limit so I could pay and get out of Nazca. Since my bus didn’t leave until around 1am the following morning I just spent the day wandering the boring streets until I came across a huge street market.

Some huge green pumpkins caught my attention so i went to talk to the guy selling them. They had all sorts of questions for me and then one, if i was single. then they started trying to sell me on the girl beside them making Hawaiin ice for 50 cents. they didn’t do a good enough job so she will be staying in Nazca for teh next lost tourist but i will say she made a nice chicha morada icy.

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I fell asleep on the couch at my hostal and woke up with 30 minutes to walk the two blocks to the station. just as i was leaving they called to ask if i was going to show up and that the bus was there already. WTH!? The bus was a half hour early and they were gonna leave without me?