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My Taxi zoomed along a newly constructed freeway that connects Quito’s newly constructed airport  with the city. Using the drivers phone I got my friend on the phone to figure out how to get to their house. Before soon my friend was in front of me walking down a steep hill.

It was a great feeling not only to see them but to know that for a few days I was at home away from home not in a hotel or hostal. It was also cool to know that I will have completed year two of my tradition of celebrating by birthday in a new location.

We met up with some people from a house near my friend’s  house. it was run by a girl who was the queen of couch surfing, having hosted hundreds of people. The place was famous for having uncountable numbers of people on a given night, many of whom had simply shown up by word of mouth.

The majority of what we did was not too memorable, go to the park, go out to eat, though I do recall accompanying one of my friends to some government office so he could apply for residence and work legally. My friend also gave a free workshop on using digital cameras so I went and helped him with that.

My birthday stood out as the big memory. I was with two of my friends and they invited a few of their friends. We had gone to pick up supplies and my friends and I prepared all morning. IMG_0043 (640x409) IMG_0057 (640x427)

My friends Apartment had a terrace with a great view of the valley and a grill so we carried a table up and lit the coals.

IMG_0061 (640x426) IMG_0054 (640x427) IMG_0053 (640x427)

Being the Spaniard that my friend is, of course there would be some sangria.

IMG_0069 (640x447)

I’m not a fan of frosting on cakes so I made mine without. A day or so later I crossed into Colombia for my last destination Cali, Colombia.