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The following day Cynthia and I went to breakfast at the Bohemian, a cool cafe where they hand make many of the elements of breakfast including their Sausage. Ran, Cynthias friend was getting ready to move to a new town so she also went to breakfast with a friend but planned on going to a different restaurant, however when we walked in there they were.  The two of them still wanted more time to catch up and say good bye so Cynthia and I walked around stopping in some shops then walked along the water. There was a girl interviewing people so I stopped and asked what for.

We ended up being interviewed for CBC, Canadas version of NPR about our thoughts on British Colombias Auto insurer, ICBC’s new plan to reduce distracted driving. they have released a hand full of Ring tones to remind you to keep your eyes on the road and call back or respond later. One was OK  the rest were pretty annoying and cheesy. I cant find the audio but I did manage to find this.

When we met back up we headed to Summer Hill organic bio-dynamic winery where Ran worked. she took us through the place showing us the back of the kitchen where she worked, introduced us to her former employees, then we did a wine tasting. I am not a fan of dry wines but there was one that was pretty tasty.

On the way home we stopped and got some fresh produce from a stand where you could look out behind at where the produce came from. we got trapped in a down pour and stood around waiting for a break in the rain that never came so we just sprinted off to the car so we could get home and get dinner started.

At the table Rans dad was telling a story about how one day some lady approached Rans mom and said excuse me I dont know you and you dont know me but you are the tamburine mom. her mom went on to explain that at her sons hockey games she always brings a tambourine and pom poms and cheers him on. She then continued about how one day she want to the bathroom and left her bag which also usually included treats for the little kids in the crowd. So she asked someone to watch the bag. When she came back she was expecting something to be missing but instead there were furry hand cuffs and a whip. To this day she still doesnt know how they ended up in there.

The following morning we said bye and headed off towards Vancouver where I planned on meeting up with my German friend, Nadine, who I met at the hostal last year when I first arrived to Sevilla. She had nothing to do for a few weeks so her and I wandered the city, Went to a Hardcore show and she helped me hunt for apartments and move my stuff.

She had been doing a program teaching outdoor education. Taking kids zip lining climbing canoeing and also doing some other work around Canada. but by this time she had finished all of that and was making her way west to begin decending the coast towards California and our trips just happened to cross in Vancouver.

Once Cynthia and I arrived in the city it was a frustrating drive circling around looking for parking options and settled on what seemed like a standard 25 bucks for all day, overnight parking. We gathered our bags and headed to theSamesun hostal where we dropped an exorbant 40 bucks each for a 6 bed dorm. once having set our things down we went out to see what Vancouver had to offer. We got some really good Malaysian food at Banana Leaf restaurant then we went over to Stanley park.IMG_0341 (427x640) IMG_0350 (640x427) IMG_0330 (640x427) IMG_0310 (640x427) IMG_0306 (640x427) IMG_0300 (640x427)

Cynthia spotted some swings so we went over to chill out and swing for a few minutes. When I hopped off I noticed a bunch of trash on the ground. It wasnt normal trash it caught my eye because of the almost organized way it was layed out on the sand. I couldnt believe it so I picked up one of the little bags and brought it closer to my nose to confirm my suspicion. the whole thing seemed too easy, too good to be true. I knew either there was a dealer or cops just around the corner waiting so we left it be. IMG_0361 (640x427) IMG_0358 (640x427)IMG_0360 (640x427) IMG_0359 (640x427)

We headed back to the hostal because my German friend, NAdine, who I met in Sevilla was coming in and we made plans to go get a drink. We sat waiting around for at least an hour or two which was fine with both Cynthia and I since we were both wiped out from so much running around. eventually nadine walked in. She was confused about where I said I was staying and ended up wandering around vancouver trying to find our hostal, she was staying in exactly the same hostal as us, where we planned to meet.

kenny and nadine in Vancouver

I love that feeling of reunification with people youmet far away. Meeting my Japanese friends in their hometown, Wakayama; Lotte and Stella in Gronigen, Netherlands; Weronika in not only her hometown , Warsaw, but also again in Cuzco,Peru; Cynthia in LA and Amanda in Florida. We had a nice time getting dinner and drinks but unfortunately we didnt have much time to spend together since we had to head onwards, down to Portland in the morning.

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