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This has been so long ago. Forgive the lack of details. We headed out of Canada and were welcomed back by a really friendly border guard who was actually from around where Cynthia is from. I thought getting into the USA would be exponentially more difficult than getting into Canada.IMG_0397 (640x427)

IMG_0407 (640x427)

Guess this says it all.

Due to some poor planning and our friends schedules we had to head south past Seattle to Portland to visit Cynthia’s friend, Nick, first. Since I was a skateboarder when I was younger I had always seen Burnside Skatepark in magazines and on videos. I thought it would be cool to check it out in person. I tried to talk with some guys that were sitting around and was met with a snarky attitude. Maybe its typical skateboarder rebellious type of attitude or maybe its just rude. they said something like, “it’s a lot smaller than it looks on Tony Hawks Pro Skater,” alluding to the old Play Station game. Though I never got really good at Skateboarding I worked in a skate and surf shop for a few years and enjoyed the culture. But this place and their attitude was the first of a few things that erked me about Portland.IMG_0398 (640x427)

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later we checked out Powell’s Books, the largest independent bookshop in the world, according to their website. I picked up a copy of “We”, a Russian, dystopian novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Amanda, one of our mutual friends recommended it to me a while back. If you read 1984 or Brave New World, you will like this one too, in fact it is speculated that both authors copied or borrowed ideas from We.

The next day we were off again, North, to visit my friends Frank and Monica in Seattle. First we had a detour to Multnoma falls. They are right off of I-84, you could see them from the interstate but would pass them if you didn’t know they were there. As we walked up there was a forest services table set up with various pieces of trash laid out on it. The ranger asked if we wanted to play a game. we agreed to play so he handed us a stack of laminated cards. each card had a number of years on it. We had to correctly label the number of years each item would take to bio degrade. We managed to nail down every item; Glass bottle, 1 million years, rubber boot, 50-80 years, cigarette butt, 1-5 years, plastic bottle 400 years.

IMG_0433 (427x640) IMG_0427 (640x427) IMG_0417 (427x640)

I had been to Seattle once before  but this time was just as enjoyable. I got to see some familiar sights and also some new ones. Kerry park was new and the view was so beautiful.  There is a Museum of Chihuly’s glass work next to the Space Needle. IMG_0450 (640x427) IMG_0461 (640x427)

IMG_0489 (640x427) IMG_0515 (640x427) IMG_0527 (427x640)

We camped at some park between Seattle and San Francisco. Woke up in the morning and headed down the road some more and ended up at Cynthia’s cousin’s house a 20 minutes outside of San Francisco. they were pretty much getting ready for bed and were gone to work by the time we woke up. IMG_0552 (640x427) IMG_0562 (640x427)

You can see a photo of this bridge but you can understand the scale until you drive across it. The fog was impressive too. One minute it is clear as glass the next minute you cant see anything.  IMG_0581 (640x427)IMG_0654 (640x427) IMG_0597 (640x427) IMG_0599 (640x427) IMG_0613 (640x427)  IMG_0637 (640x427) The final stop on the trip was my aunt and uncles house, not far from Santa Monica. I hadn’t seen them for about 12-15 years, since they left Florida I guess. Cynthia left me at their place. When  came around the building I was sort of lost and I guess my aunt spotted me walking and came out to say hi. We went out to eat, checked out the Santa Monica Pier, went shopping and relaxed, which I really needed to do after packing 4,600 miles (7,381) km into 12 days.IMG_0663 (640x427)